Our Family Life 2021 (10/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (10/52)

Monday – it’s the 1st March. The end of homeschooling is in sight. It feels like there’s light at the end of a very long tunnel. We’re not quite out of it yet, but it really does feel like we’re a step closer. The weather has clearly caught onto our dreary mood as a nation and decided to give us some much needed sunshine.

Oh and our sandwich shape cutter arrived this morning. It’s funny how a sandwich cut into the shape of a dinosaur will be eaten by a two year old but a normal square or triangle won’t do…

Tuesday I was back at work (from home). At the moment it feels like a day off just to be out of the homeschooling.

The perks of working from home is McDonalds drive-through. It was a bit of a last week of homeschooling treat for us all.

Wednesday I knew was going to be a battle just by the look on Belles face when she came down for breakfast. Good or bad decision but I let her ditch some of her classes so that she could do some craft instead.

She’s really into My Froggy Stuff which is a YouTuber who does all things Barbie from making a setting up scenes to giving them total makeovers. So she decided to make a sweet shop with miniature sweets, a till, wrapping paper and little bags. I thought she did a pretty good job, and put in loads of details.

Thursday I worked on site at work. It’s not the best having to wear a mask all day, but it’s good to be seeing people other than Chris and the kids.

We decided to get Belle a little treat to say well done for putting up with us as shonky teachers for the past year, so we got her a new scooter, and all went out for a scoot. Needless to say, we carried Freddie’s all bar the 10 seconds at the beginning.

I’m still waiting for my teacher present to emerge!

Oh and even better, the school have decided to give the kids the day off on Friday. Today was………THE LAST DAY OF HOMESCHOOLING!!!

Friday we got up. We sat in our pyjamas in front of the TV……It was a good day!!

Saturday and Sunday were the usual chill out in preparation for return to school on Monday. Thankfully Belle’s school shoes still fit her so that was one less thing to stress about.

Roll on Monday. Woo Hoo!!

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7 thoughts to “Our Family Life 2021 (10/52)”

  1. Oooh I’ve never heard of Mr Froggy before. Hope you are all adjusting back to the school run well x

    Laura x

  2. The Barbie sweet shop is very creative! I haven’t heard of that Youtuber, but I am not their target audience. 🙂 My son watches endless Youtube videos on Minecraft and Roblox and other gaming things which bore me senseless.
    A new bike is a fab present. Hope going back to school is smooth.

  3. That Barbie set is so good. Lots of detail, bet she was very pleased with it. It’s so good the kids are back to school

  4. It’s funny how sandwiches are more appealing when cut into funny shapes. I occasionally cut ours into stars with a cookie cutter and even my husband and I think they taste better than normal ones! I love Belle’s Barbie sweet shop.She looks very happy on her new scooter. Good news that her school shoes still fitted too. #project365

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