Our Family Life 2021 (16/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (16/52)

Our Family Life is a little snippet of the life of a Mum and Dad with three kids and a dog.

I’ve become one of those Mums!

Monday started off as a good day. I’ve not ashamed to say that I’ve become one of those mums that will literally jump through hoops to get their toddler to eat. Freddie isn’t a particularly fussy eater, it’s just a question of whether or not he will eat the food you put in front of him at all. Some days, you could try all the bribery in the world and he wouldn’t even sit and the table. Well, it seems that he likes food cut up into dinosaur shapes or put on skewers.

I’ll never forget when I watched my sister peel the skin off a sausage for my nephew, and Ryan had a friend who wouldn’t eat food if it was touching other food such as his peas touching his chips or the other way round. This is completely new territory for me as the other two are really good eaters.

I’m not going to lie, I will cut his food into different shapes or put it on skewers every single day if it means he will eat it. Watching him polish off his cream cheese sandwich, tomato, and cheese skewers was literally the highlight of my week.

Tuesday was a workday for me, so I spent the whole day with my head in my laptop. I’m not sure how much longer homeworking will be allowed, but I’m happy for it to carry on for as long as I can.

Still Decluttering

Wednesday was another house decluttering day. I’m doing it bit by bit and it’s taking a long time (the house is fit to bursting, not in a hoarding way) but there is a lot of stuff that we can hopefully sell which will go into our house deposit pot. eBay was always my go-to place for selling but it’s not been that great lately. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Vinted so I’ve signed up and will start listing things as soon as I can. I should probably point out that I’ve bought some stuff as well.

We got all the summer clothes out of the attic which Isabelle found very exciting. She loves nothing more than her denim shorts and a cropped top. I was very pleased when I found the stash of shorts that I forgot I’d bought for Freddie in the sale at the end of last summer.

Thursday was another workday at the office for me. It was a really productive day which is always a good feel factor.

We’re Garden Ready!

Friday we were finally able to get out in the garden after Chris hacked away at the jungle that was starting to take over. I put washing on the line and the kids played happily on the trampoline. The grass is still quite wet, but now that it’s cut it will start to dry out a bit. Our old fridge freezer is still out in the garden waiting to go to the tip. We thought it would fit in our car, but it seems not so we need to get a man and a van sorted.

Saturday we just pottered around at home and in the garden. It doesn’t feel like we’ve done anything all week, but I don’t really feel like I want to go out. We’re still waiting for a date for my step-dad’s funeral and it keeps playing on my mind that time is ticking on and we haven’t been able to say goodbye yet.

Sunday it was freezing so we scrapped our plans to go out. Belle was in such a grumpy mood that I send her off for a bath which usually calms her down. She was given some Body Shop bath fizzers for Christmas so she popped one of them in and took a bottle of juice with her as well as her fave YouTuber to watch.

Chris thought it was the last day of the school holidays so got us a KFC takeaway on the way home which we ate whilst watching Scoob.

Next week we have to get out of the house and get some fresh air!

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