Our Family Life 2021 (38/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (38/52)


A child-free Monday which is the norm now that Freddie’s at pre-school all day on a Monday. Whilst its nice, I’m really missing my little side kick and am counting down the minutes until I can pick him up. It does mean that I can get a decent chunk of work done. Thankfully, when I picked him up he’d had a lovely day which put my mind at rest no end. He doesn’t say a word when I ask him what he’s been doing, so it’s lovely that we have an app that updates us on what he’s been doing.

He did say that he’d had a lovely day, and had a huge smile on his face which put my mind at rest.


A work day for me from home. I wonder if I’m on borrowed time now that lots of people are returning to the office, but hopefully I can work from home going forward as I really like it. I don’t take the mick, but I do sit in my comfies and pop downstairs every now and again for a Freddie cuddle. Best of both worlds in my opinion.


Nothing to report. Just a bit of housework and organising upcoming work.


As I work for the NHS, we now have to have weekly LAMP testing and it’s totally gross. You have to spit in a pot first thing in the morning before you have a drink or brush your teeth. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s stomach churning and really hard to do. It’s making me gag. Bring back LFT”s or give me a weekly PCR any day over this grossness!


I was supposed to have a driving lesson today but my instructor has COVID so I thought it would be nice to take lunch to my Mums. She’s been having Freddie so I can do my driving lessons. I went to a local deli and picked up one of their boxes full of gorgeous salady bits topped with chicken. Turned out that I went a bit overboard but it also meant that my Mum had enough leftover to have for her dinner as well instead of cooking.

On the way to school we went to the park where Freddie made friends with a little boy and girl. It was so nice seeing him interact with other kids when previously he would fall over himself to get away from other kids.


We had Ryan and Little Boogs over so we made some cupcakes which went relatively well. I find with kids that you have to split whatever it is you’re doing into however many kids you have so that there are no misunderstandings as to what each of them own. Blue cupcake cases for Luka and pink ones for Freddie. We set up two decorating stations with icing and sprinkles for both. Freddie was done in 5 seconds flat whilst Luka took his time over each cake.


Sunday’s are definitely our lazy day when we do everything at a much slower pace. It’s probably the best thing to come out of COVID and something we’ll cling onto going forward. Playing and eating being at the top of the list!

Ryan and Co popped back today to give me a gorgeous bunch of Sunflowers that Luka had picked at Darts Farm which was a lovely surprise.