Pipity Kids Travel Activity Case – A Review & Competition

Pipity Kids Travel Activity Case

We were really pleased to be asked to review the Pipity Kids Travel Activity Case. We’re going on holiday next month and it will be Isabelle’s first time on a plane. The journey is relatively short as we’re going to Spain, but there will be plenty of opportunity for Isabelle to get bored so we’re going prepared.

What do you do on journeys to keep boredom at bay?

The last time we went away I put together a little bag for her to open once she was in the car which had a kids magazine, some colouring pencils, some snacks and a sticker pack which went down a treat.

We play all the usual games such as eye spy, count the number of (whatever colour) cars.

We also let her take her tablet with some of her favourite apps on.

The other week she had a little lego set in the car which was a disaster as she dropped some of the pieces which nobody could reach as we were driving along. I don’t think we’ll be doing that again.


Cue the Pipity Kids Travel Activity Case

Not only does this case look super cute with the star print which comes in a choice of Blue, Pink and Red, it as both a case handle and a detachable longer bag handle. It’s really well made from oilcloth to withstand the heavy handedness and has everything you need to keep a little one busy on a journey.

What’s inside:

  • A Pencil for drawing and writing
  • A Set of 12 colouring pencils
  • A Pencil Sharpener
  • A Gluestick
  • A pair of scissors
  • A ruler
  • An Activity Book

Pipity Kids Activity Case

The activity case has a built in easel with elasticated straps to keep your activity page in place whilst you colour it in.

Each of the activity books are packed full of exciting activities and games. Each page has a perforated edge so that you can easily tear the page out to use.

We love that these aren’t run of the mill activities, but cute puppets and games that you colour then cut out to create something to use.

We were sent the full collection of activity books which will provide many many hours of entertainment for Isabelle. These can be bought separately to top up as and when Β you need them.

Also in the Pipity range is the Pipity Portfolio which is an expanding file where all of your kids creations can be kept safely together. These are also available in the matching Pink, Blue and Red Star design. I initially thought that the portfolio was for us parents to keep the creations safe which do tend to rack up, but I was quickly corrected by Isabelle that it was so that she could keep the things that she had made so that she could play with them.

Pipity was founded by Kate who was inspired by her own happy childhood memories of cutting and sticking and creating wanted to give her own three children the same experience. The Pipity has everything to spark the imagination and keep little hands busy.

The Video

Watch our video which shows you what you get in the Pipity Kids Travel Activity Case.

What we thought.

As a mum I think the Pipity is pretty awesome. Isabelle loves all things crafty and I know this kit will keep her happy and busy during any journey. The case has everything you need so no scrabbling around for things or having to add extra bits to my bag. It also gets a huge thumbs up from me personally as Pipity is a Devon based Independent Business which I love to support having been there myself.

Isabelle was so excited when the Pipity came out of the box. Before she even opened it she was doing her catwalk walk as pranced up and down with the case hanging off her shoulder. She’s going to love carrying this herself. She loved all of the activities, with the puppets and dolls being her absolute favourite. I should post the outtakes of the video that we did as she spent way too long messing about with the scissors (why do kids love scissors so much) AND the bendy ruler cracked her up.

This is a total winner for both of us and it will be coming with us to Spain next month!

Fancy Winning your own Pipity?


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We plan to take our Pipity in the car, on the plane and possibly to the odd restaurant to keep Isabelle busy. Keep an eye on the Babynotincluded Instagram feed for updates.

Lisa x

β€’We were sent a Pipity Activity Case, a Pipity Portfolio and Activity books for the purpose of this review. All opinions and thoughts are our own.

119 thoughts to “Pipity Kids Travel Activity Case – A Review & Competition”

  1. Lots of snacks , drinks but not too much as their be on the toilet the whole journey ?
    And games or dvd Player

  2. A great idea as my daughter loves to draw but the pens end up everywhere. Lots of audio stories, snacks, water and a sick bowl are important too!

  3. My top tip is, if you’re travelling any distance, try to time it with a nap or at night when they’ll sleep!

  4. it all depends how you’re travelling to some extent. For us in the car it has to be lots of things that involve looking out of the window, to prevent travel sickness. I spy is the current favourite πŸ™‚

  5. Take an etch-a-sketch; it’s much easier than picking up crayons and pencils.

  6. Pack plenty of things to do and if that fails get ready to make up games from I spy to counting cars/animals etc

  7. Make up a new game for every car journey so they don’t get bored! One of our favourites was “cat hat” – a game in which you have to say two rhyming words and then explain what the phrase means!

  8. Be patient! They are excited too! Keep things to hand that are essential boredom busters! Top trump cards, colouring equipment l, baby wipes, healthy snacks and a cuddly companion

  9. For car travel set up the back of the car to have handy healthy snacks, water, a rubbish bin, tissues and wipes all easily available to allow the children to look after themselves in the back as much as possible, also make sure they have plenty of games or activities to keep them interested.

  10. take snacks drinks and books! ooo and don’t forget to take regular toilet beaks!!!

  11. My best tip for travelling with a child is to take plenty of snacks and a handheld games console.

  12. Plenty of snacks and set of with time to spare for toilet breaks

  13. My best tips for travelling with my children are ensuring they have lots and lots of activities in their hand luggage / backpacks to make sure they don’t get bored, things like colouring books, crayons, sticker books, activity books, Tops Trumps (depending on the child’s age), comics, even mini travel games and to avoid giving them sweets, chocolates or sugary drinks so they don’t get a massive sugar rush burst of energy they cannot run off, so instead give them plenty of bread-sticks, rice snacks, fruit bars, cheese cubes etc.

  14. Find a scheduled stop in the middle of the journey to break it up, come up with some fun travel games with the kids before the journey so they’ll look forward to playing them which should stop boredom and tantrums

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