Pregnancy Diary 28 Weeks

Pregnancy Diary 28 Weeks

Pregnancy Diary 28 Weeks – This week started off with Mother’s Day which was a total disaster with an early morning message from the eldest to let us know his phone, wallet and keys had been stolen on a night out followed by an upset daughter as we realised that the party that she was meant to be going to weren’t expecting her as the number we had on the invite was written down wrong! That’s motherhood in a nutshell!

Pregnancy Diary 28 Weeks

This clearly wasn’t the plan for the day but I did get some lovely gifts and cards.

Social media is a depressing place when everybody but you is having a lovely day!

Mother’s Day next year I’ll be mum to three (four if you include the fur baby).


I’ve got twelve weeks of work left. This week at work has been crazy busy so it’s been one of those weeks where you just work, eat and sleep and not a lot else.

Aches and pains & Movement

Towards the end of this week my back has become increasingly painful again and the cramps in my legs have also increased. It’s not so easy to jump out of bed with a bump the size I have.

This baby is definitely a wriggly little kicker. My bump is still really high so I get booted in the ribs quite a lot. The baby obviously doesn’t like me sitting upright and definitely lets me know about it. As my bump is so high up I’m getting a lot of heartburn which isn’t much fun. I’m also feeling quite out of breath if I walk around too much. Oh and did I mention getting dressed and putting shoes on has become something that I feel is worthy of adding to my to-do list. Isabelle sometimes will pull my shoes off my feet at the end of the day which is quite nice.

Midwife Appointment

I had my midwife appointment on Friday. My blood pressure is fine and she also confirmed for definite that I was negative for Gestational Diabetes. Whoop whoop!

She did attempt to take my blood in both arms and my hand, unsuccessfully so I have to go back to have that done.

My bump was measured and I’m measuring at 29cm which is following the 95th centile. This is the upper centile which means that if I measure above this line it will be necessary to have a growth scan.

Don’t you just hate these flipping supposed ‘normal’ lines that we’re supposed to follow, and when you don’t it totally freaks you out.

I know I don’t need to worry as my bump is pretty much the same as it has been with both previous pregnancies, large and round. I did what everyone does and googled what the centiles mean in pregnancy but it’s not particularly clear cut. Essentially from what I can make out, as long as I progress along that line then nothing needs to be done, but if I stray it may mean that I need to be monitored more closely.

Baby Shopping

Yey we’ve made progress!

It turns out that we do have quite a few more bits and bobs than we thought tucked away, but we went to a local baby market and bought some more bits and pieces. I know that pre-loved (second hand) stuff isn’t for everyone, but for newborn stuff that they aren’t in for very long it’s all pretty much brand new. We bought some tiny baby vests and sleepsuits as the other two were tiny, Ryan was 6lb 4oz and Isabelle was 6lb 12oz.

We’ve decided to have a little bit of a family bet as to the weight of the baby so I thought I would pop it here so that we can see who was the closest.

Me: 6lb 10oz
Chris: 6lb 9oz
Ryan: 7lb 2oz
Isabelle: 7lb

We also managed to get some nice pram/crib blankets and swaddle blankets.

I’ve made a list of the things that we have so far and it’s looking good so that’s a weight off. As we don’t know the flavour of this little one we don’t intend to buy much past the essentials clothes wise.


The baby is about the size of a cantelope melon weighing 2.2lb and measuring about 37.6cm.

The baby can now blink and their eyesight has developed so that it would be able to make out my face whilst breastfeeding.

According to the Bounty app I will be thinking and possibly dreaming about the upcoming birth which is oh so true. I’m dreading it. I am of course really looking forward to the after part when I get to meet and hold our new baby, but all the other bits I’d quite happily fast-forward.

The weather forecast has predicted snow again for this weekend so we’re going to stay tucked up at home.

Until next week.

Lisa x


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  1. Oh no, so sorry to hear about your son’s belongings being stolen, that’s awful. Bless your daughter, I hope they let her stay at the party.
    Shopping for baby bits and bobs is so exciting! I hope you have a good week.

  2. Sadly she wasn’t allowed to take part at the party but joined in for the food part. Not ideal but she dealt with it quite well. We’re doing quite well with the baby shopping now which I love x

  3. I love that you have a little bet running on the weight of the baby! – I wonder who will be right! Glad all is going well for you, annoying you have to go back and have blood taken – I would hate that!

  4. I think it is so cool you are journal-ling your pregnancy journey. One day you’ll be able to look back at all these posts with your grown up baba & read through them all so they have an insight of what you went through for 9 months!

  5. How exciting, I’m desperate for baby number 3. Mine are currently 9 and 7 however so I’m not sure it will happen or whether it would be much fun if it did – teenagers and babies ?
    Sorry to hear your son”s belongings were taken, it’s a rubbish, scary world out there sometimes x

  6. It’s not so bad having a baby and a teen although there are times when she’s repeated words that she wouldn’t have heard otherwise ?

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