Pregnancy Diary 36 Weeks

Pregnancy Diary 36 Weeks

Pregnancy Diary 36 Weeks – It’s Bank Holiday weekend and we’re knee deep in sorting the house out as much as we can before the baby arrives.

Pregnancy Diary 36 Weeks

It’s hard not to get sentimental about every piece of clothing or toys that were once Ryan or Isabelle’s. First Christmas outfits, favourites and of course the ones they first wore in hospital. I even found my pregnancy test from when I found out we were having Isabelle which obviously has seven year old wee on it! I’m undecided on whether to keep this or not.

Bank Holiday Monday we had a more chilled out day. Still sorting and double checking my hospital bags. I know I’ve got everything but I’ve got this weird thing where I NEED to check, just to make sure.

Chris and Isabelle are full of cough and colds so I’m keeping them at arms length. We did get a BBQ in on the Monday just for us which was a nice way to end the day.

I’m plodding on through my hypnobirthing book which I’m not finding as boring. It’s quite interesting!

Induction Update

Tuesday – back to work today after the worse nights sleep. I don’t know if it was the thought of going back to work or the worry of getting any updates on the whole raised glucose issue.

My Midwife phoned me to update me that I will be contacted by the foetal assessment unit who are going to give me a little pin prick machine so that I can monitor my blood sugars, but no word from the consultant as yet.

Thursday came and I still hadn’t heard whether or not I was going to be induced so I rang my midwife. My case had been discussed at a meeting and it was decided that they didn’t need to induce me with a recommendation of reducing my sugar intake, but to keep the scan appointment for Friday. Obviously I was really pleased but a bit nervous that I’d have the scan and it would change things again.

Friday we had the scan. It’s not very exciting as everything is so close up that you can’t really make out arms or legs or anything. They were looking for the amount of amniotic fluid around the baby, and I’m pleased to say that this was totally normal.

Before the scan we popped along to the Baby Room which is local to us and holds classes, groups and also the place to go for washable Nappy and sling advice.

I’ve still got my nappy stash from Isabelle which is still in really good condition, but I needed to buy a new bucket, liners and a wet bag. It’s so easy to buy loads of stuff since the nappies are incredibly cute with all kinds of patterns and colours. I restrained from buying any more nappies, but we did buy some washable wetwipes which I’m going to persevere with this time. I did give them a little go but found them quite an effort so gave up.

As I’m writing this I have a load of nappies washing with a second load waiting. They load so cute on the washing line!

Ready for Baby Now

As I’m so far along now I’ve switched from saying how many weeks I have left to how many days which today is 22. It seems so close when you say it in days!

My in-laws are on holiday as of today for two weeks and a firm request for baby to stay put has been lodged. I will do my best to comply but quite honestly I’m more than ready for this little one to make an appearance now. Having said that, I still have one more week of work to get through.

I had a really funny dream that i gave birth in our meeting room with the assistance of one of my senior colleagues so I’ve been avoiding him this week (just in case).

Still no pram or car seat as yet but we have had assurances that it will be delivered at the beginning of next week, so once that’s here I’m happy for the baby to arrive at any point.

Vitamin K

I forgot to mention this last week, but when I saw my midwife last Friday she mentioned Vitamin K for the baby once born. She asked for my preference to it being given by injection or orally. The most common apparently is an injection but I really don’t remember an injection being offered when I had Isabelle as she had it orally. This was supposed to be added to my birth plan notes but I felt really put on the spot to give an answer so it was put down as decision on the day. I’m not sure how I feel about an injection just hours post birth.


My baby is the shape of a bunch of bananas and weighs around 5.7lbs and measures about 47.4cm.

Theย  average baby birth weight is currently 7.5lb so the concentration is currently on putting on weight and moving further down into your pelvis.

The downy hair that has been coating the baby is now shedding away as is theย vernix caseosa.

You may be getting Braxton Hicks at this stage which are practice contractions (yippee).

Your baby will still be moving around but the movements may be lower down once the baby moves further down ready for labour. This will also ease any heartburn that you may be experiencing.

It feels like so much is happening now and each day I wake up and wonder if today is the day.

Who knows if this will the last Pregnancy Diary update…….

Lisa x

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  1. Good luck with the birth! It sounds like you are excited and know what you are doing.
    I had the injection with my little girl for Vitamin K because I know I’m rubbish at remembering medication

    Kay xx

  2. Thank you. I’m still undecided on the Vitamin K but will likely go for drops since I hate injections so much ๐Ÿ™‚

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