Pregnancy Diary Week 14

Pregnancy Diary Week 14

Pregnancy Diary Week 14 – Week commencing 3rd December. So now that we’ve entered December I really need to switch my thoughts from feeling sick and tired to the Big C.

Pregnancy Diary Week 14

Christmas has been well and truly pushed out of my mind due to it being overtaken by tiredness and sickness. I’ve now mastered the art of being sick quietly which I suppose is quite an achievement. Looks of pity or disgust at this stage are neither welcome.

I should point out at this point that I’m so very happy to be having another baby which I don’t think is coming through in any of my previous blog posts. I’ve read and been told many a time that this stage will end shortly and that I will soon start to bloom and feel full of energy.

I don’t think that I’ve possessed any decent amount of energy since being a mum so if by some miracle that happens I’ll be quite happy.

I’m getting really bad headaches which I think are down to not eating or being able to keep a decent amount of food down.

To get into the Christmas mood we thought we would go late night shopping and have a look at the Christmas Lights. We were lucky enough to watch Spark which is a electro-drumming show which was really good. This was followed by the most chaotic trip to McDonald’s with what seemed like the entire population of Exeter.

After a full day at work followed by our after work trip I was asleep in front of the TV by about 8.30pm.

It did signify the start of us thinking about Christmas and all that it entails.


The baby is about the size of a lemon, measures around 8.3cm and weighs about 43g.

The baby looks like a proper person now with hair and eyebrows. They even have their own fingerprints.

I also read that I can be affected by ‘Baby Brain’ which I definitely think I have. I go through the kids names in a list including the dog before I get to the right one, and words keep escaping me. Mid sentence I know what I want to say but the word just isn’t there. Has this happened to you?

Lisa x

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