Pregnancy Diary – Week 7

Pregnancy Diary – Week 7

Pregnancy Diary Week 7 started 15th October. This week was our holiday at Bluestone Wales. I was really looking forward to it but at the same time a bit worried that our secret would be outed.

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Week 7

Food and smells are a real issue at the moment. When we arrived at Bluestone it was bucketing down, and we’d also arrived early so had a little wait in the carpark before we could check in. It was worth the wait, the lodge was amazing and so spacious. You can read about out Bluestone stay in our previous posts.

Although it was nice having a secret between Chris and I, we were bursting to tell people. Due to our scare last week it feels better to keep it a secret just in case anything happens.

We didn’t have proper milk on our first day, we had UHT milk which is totally rank in tea. My issue with tea has already begun, but add in UHT milk and hello toilet bowl. Bleurgh.

The advantages of being on holiday was not always knowing what we were going to eat. If I think about eating too much, the much wanted bolognaise planned this morning becomes the last thing I want to eat in the world as they day goes on.

My Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law went for a morning in the spa which sounded really lovely. I would have loved to have gone as well but never mind. We took Isabelle to a craft event instead where she made a leaf lantern which she really enjoyed.

Weirdly we got around the issue of wine which I poured down the bathroom sink. Either nobody noticed me take my glass to the loo with me or they think I sit on the loo to drink wine!

Anyway we had a lovely week and I wish I could have brought the bed home with me which was super comfortable and my favourite place at the moment.


According to the Bounty Pregnancy App, at six weeks the baby is the size of a blueberry.

The baby is starting to form into an actual person with emerging arm and leg buds and a beating heart. It still has a tail which will go soon.


Lisa x

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