Review: Candylocks Dolls

Review: Candylocks Dolls

Isabelle was super excited to be offered a couple of the NEW Candylocks Dolls from Spinmaster Toys.

The Candylocks Dolls come in two sizes, a large deluxe doll and a small surprise doll.

Sugar Style Deluxe Scented Doll – Lacey Lemonade

Isabelle was sent Lacey Lemonade who is a beautifully sweet smelling doll with the longest, fluffiest soft hair that you can style until your hearts content. Lacey Lemonade wears a pink and yellow dress with a lemon print and lovely pink heels with lemon slices on the front. Both the shoes and the dress can be removed which is very important according to Isabelle who likes to restyle all of her dolls.

The hair is really easy to style without the need for a brush and once styled, stays in place with the cute accessories.

Lacey Lemonade came with a cute lemon shaped handbag, a hair extension which you can put in your own hair, some cute sunglasses and a turquoise hair chalk. The hair chalk was a very ‘cool’ accessory since Isabelle can use this as well. It was easy to put in and wears off during play without making any mess.

Lacey Lemonade retails at around Β£20 from Amazon and other large retailers.

Candylocks Scented Collectible Surprise Dolls

Unlike Lacey Lemonade, the smaller dolls are surprise dolls. All you can see from the packaging is the hair swirled around the doll to make it look like an icecream.

Isabelle revealed Berry Magic who has 15 inches of pink and purple sweet smelling fluffy hair. The smaller dolls come with six surprise hair accessories that can easily be placed in the hair to create all kinds of styles including plaits and buns.

There are over twenty Candylocks dolls to collect and these are very pocket friendly at Β£9.99

Our Thoughts

Isabelle was bursting with excitement just looking at these dolls through the packaging. She loved the look of Lacey Lemonade, but was really excited by the smaller surprise doll (she loves a surprise).

Both dolls have the sweetest smelling hair which she can style over and over. She loved that the dress and shoes can be taken off the bigger dolls so that she can interchange and restyle their look (her words not mind). Also having movable arms, legs and head is also up there on the list of important features for a doll.

The smaller doll has very long hair, but the strands are very different lengths which I think is so you can swirl it around to make lots of different styles, but when doing a plait it doesn’t work as well.

Isabelle has already introduced her friends to her Candylocks dolls and have been on a couple of play dates and days out with us to keep her busy in the car.

The Candylocks dolls, big and small get a huge thumbs up from us.

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