Review: Having Fun with Unicones

Having Fun with Unicones

Unicones are the sweet ’n sparkly unicorns that come with a slime surprise! There are 12 Unicones characters to collect. Each comes in an ice cream cone with a variety of accessories to decorate the surprise unicorn. Will you discover a rare, super-rare or an ultra-rare character?

Each Unicone comes with more than ten suprises, including a tub of unicorn poop slime.

Kids can collect all 12 adorable Unicones characters in the range. Each comes hidden in a sweet ice cream cone, along with a variety of accessories and stickers to decorate the unicorn inside. Will you discover the rare, super rare and ultra-rare characters?

There are more than ten surprises to unwrap, with each Unicones cone. This includes one tub of unicorn poop slime; there are 12 mystery Unicones styles to find! The Unicones retail at £13.99 and are suitable for 3 years and above.

Unicones Ice Cream Surprise collectible toy

What’s inside a Unicone?

Each Unicone comes with its own set of accessories and slime dependent on which Unicone you get.

We opened up Party Rox which came with the following:

  • Silver Party Rox Unicorn
  • Gold Sunglasses
  • A SWAG Necklace
  • Earrings
  • A set of Wings
  • 3 Tattoos
  • Clear pot of Slime
  • Silver fine Glitter for Slime
  • Stick-on Jewels

First of all you pop the ice cream off the top and this reveals the Unicorn and the set of wings. The wings slot onto the back of the Unicorn.

Unicones Unicorn with sunglasses and swag necklace

There are three tabs on the ice cream cone which reveal a further three pots, each containing accessories. Our accessories were sunglasses, a SWAG necklace, and Earrings.

Unicones Unicorn with jewel decals and tattoo accessories

Underneath the Unicorn is a pot of Unicorn Poop slime which can be mixed with fine glitter. Ours came with clear slime and silver glitter which became a super stretchy sparkly silver slime.

Unicones Unicorn with accessories

We used one of the pots to put water in to apply the tattoos to the Unicorn which went on surprisingly well.

Unicones glitter being poured into a cup with clear slime

The jewels were already set with glue, so Belle was able to easily apply these to the Unicorn with no problems.

You can watch the unboxing over on Instagram.

Unicone clear slime mixed with fine silver glitter

Our Thoughts

My first thought was that these are going to be very popular at Christmas. My daughter loves collectibles and finds the whole unboxing/surprise element to be just as exciting as the end product. As a parent, I think these are at a great price point and definitely get a thumbs up from me. The only thing I could fault was the wings, which come off quite easily but are also easy to pop back on.

More importantly, is Belle’s opinion. She loved the whole surprise element and the fact that it was an ice cream cone gave this extra points. Adding the slime in and this is a perfect collectible, and something she would definitely want more of.

Unicones Unicorn with all accessories attached

You can buy your own Unicone over at Amazon.

*We were sent two Unicones for the purpose of this review. All opinions, thoughts and photographs are our own.