Review: Lite Brite Oval

Review: Lite Brite Oval

It feels like a lot of the toys that I had or wanted as a kid are making a huge come-back recently and one of these is this Lite Brite Oval which has obviously had a huge makeover since the basic one I coveted as a kid.

As well as the new shape, the Lite Brite over is now in high definition with 50% more holes and three times the pegs than the classic version.

The Lite Brite Oval is recommended for children aged 6+ and retails at Β£24.99 from Smyth’s Toys and other retailers.

Lite Brite Oval unboxed with the contents displayed

What comes in the set?

  • The set comes with the oval base which has a stand so you can keep your designs and would look great on a bedroom shelf.
  • It does take three AA batteries which are not included.
  • Hundreds of little coloured pegs for creating your designs
  • 8 template sheets.

Lite Brite Oval with template on ready to start putting in the coloured pegs

Light Modes!

Once you’ve created your designs there are 5 different light modes

3 Colour changing patterns (fade, flash, white light) or 2 animations (slow, fast flash)

Girl adding coloured pegs to the Lite Bright Oval

Sensory Play

The Lite Brite Oval can be used in a sensory play setting by creating patterns and selecting the different light options to help support developing visual senses which can be used to create a soothing environment which is great for self-regulation.

Lite Bright Oval with the lights on with alien spaceship template

Setting up

There is very little set-up with the Lite Brite Oval. All you need to do is pop in some batteries and you’re good to go. The template sheets that come with the set just peg onto the board and you just follow the colour code on it which has the first letter for each colour as a guide. You then push the coloured pegs through the template into the board, and once finished choose your light setting to show off your designs.

Lite Brite Oval with the light setting set to red

Our Thoughts

Isabelle is twelve and was really pleased to give the Lite Brite Oval a go. She loved the templates that came with the set but, was also very keen to create her own designs as well.

She really liked that it had a stand so that she can put it next to her bed to use as cool lighting for her room.

I also really liked this set as it’s something that Belle can go off and do on her own which is what she likes to do these days. I know that Freddie is also going to want to give this set a go so I know it’s definitely going to get used between the two of them. It’s also a lot cooler than the Lite Brite of my day.

You can buy the Lite Brite Oval from Smyth’s Toys currently priced at Β£22.99

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*We were gifted the Lite-Brite Oval set for the purpose of this review. All opinions and photographs are our own.

Lite Brite Oval Review