Side Hustles Diary Week 1

Side Hustles Diary Week 1

If you’ve been following me recently you will know that I’ve been dabbling in side hustles to see if I can make some extra money. If you weren’t aware then pop over to my TikTok Account to see what Side Hustles I’ve been trying.

You can see the full list of Side Hustles that I’ve been trying – Some of which are great and other’s haven’t worked for me which I will keep updated as I find new ones.


So this week I’ve been cracking on with the decluttering that I started a while ago. It’s amazing how much stuff we have that we haven’t used for ages or had completely forgotten about. We’ve done some sorting and some of it will be going on Vinted and Facebook Market Place, some to charity shops and some will need to go to the tip.

I’ve got a bit bored of doing surveys, but will keep an eye on them and do the odd one when I have a spare few minutes.

Money Savings Challenges

I’ve restarted the #365daypennychallenge and am planning to complete this by the end of November so that we can use it at Christmas. You can print off the FREE tracker sheet here – #365pennychallenge

I’m going to start some other money saving challenges as well, but haven’t quite decided what these are going to be yet.

As well as making money, we’re going to be more mindful in our spending so that we can use the money on experiences and family time rather than random ‘stuff’. So meal planning is one of the ways we’re going to do this. Aside from the money saving, it does a lot for the sanity when you don’t have to decide daily what you’re going to cook every day. This can be as simple as writing it down on a piece of paper, or you can download my Meal Planner Pack and either fill in online or print off and stick on your fridge.

Tracking my Side Hustles

Every month I’m going to track the money made from side hustles. I need to do this for tax purposes as a self-employed person, and if side hustles are something you’re considering then make sure you find out about any taxes you will need to pay.

I’m going to track my earnings using the Side Hustles Savings Tracker I bought from Savvy Jamie which is currently Β£4.

That’s it for this week as it’s the first full week that the kids have been back at school so it’s been a bit hectic.

I would love to know how you make additional income.