Tween Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas 10 – 13 Years Old

Tween Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas 10 – 13 Years Old

As well as the Pre-school Christmas Gift Guide I thought I would put together a Tween Christmas Gift Guide guide for parents of kids aged 10 – 13 years old. Belle has just turned 11 and considers herself not to be a child anymore, so here are some of the things that she is currently hankering after as well as some things I know she will love despite her being so ‘grown-up’!

Usborne Pencil & Paper Games

Great for the car or to take to a restaurant. This Pencil and Paper Games book has loads of pages that you can tear out with noughts and crosses, squares, and hangman. There are in fact 20 different games that you can play. She didn’t even mind putting her phone down for a bit to play these.

Fidget Toys Box

Fidget toys seem to be the craze and Belle still plays with hers, as does Freddie (3). This set has various fidget toys including poppers and cubes that they will sit and play with for ages.

Sharpie Markers Set

Belle is really into stationery and got has had this set a couple of times over the past year. She uses these at school and at home to make her work look all pretty and colour coordinated. They are also great for the adult-type colouring books as the colours are bright and easy to colour with (don’t leave lines).


L.O.L Surprise OMG Remix Super Surprise

Belle is still very much into L.O.L dolls and Barbie (her fave YouTuber is My Froggy Stuff) and so this set was at the top of her Christmas list last year. It’s quite pricey, but it does come with four OMG dolls and oodles of accessories. She took herself off to make her own YouTube video unboxing of this.


Sandwhirlz Kinetic Sand Set

This is quite a therapeutic set as you chop up the different kinetic sands using the various tools it comes with. Belle plays with this, but Freddie (3) also really enjoys playing with this set.


Happy Confident Me Life Skills Journal

I’ve heard good things about this journal so I’ve bought a copy for Belle for Christmas. Making sure that our kids have a way of expressing their feelings so they grow up confident, independent and happy is so important. Belle is already started to compare herself with others and has daily tantrums which are not fun for any of us. This has lots of colourful pages which she can use her favourite gel pens. I’m sure she’s going to love it.

A Bluetooth Speaker

Belle has this one which she has hooked up to her phone. She plays it far too loud, but she loves to make up dance routines and pretend TikTok videos (she doesn’t have the actual app) but she uses it almost daily. It keeps its charge for ages as well which is always a good thing.


Belle loves scrunchies and has a LOT. I’ve pointed out many times that she only has one head and there are only so many scrunchies she can wear at any one time, but apparently you need to have oodles of them. Be warned that you will find these things in all the places around your house.

Keep Calm and Colour Unicorns

There are various versions of this colouring book including mermaids and cats. These make a great present with a pack of fine line pens or gel pens.

These are just a few ideas of things we’ve either bought for our eleven year old daughter for Christmas or things she has had over the past couple of years. You can also see what we have in mind for our 3 year old in the Pre-school Gift Guide.

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