Pre-School Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for 2 – 4 year olds

Pre-School Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for 2 – 4-year-olds

Freddie is currently three years old so this Pre-school gift guide is a selection of gifts based on things we have bought for him that he has enjoyed playing with and also some of the things we are looking to get him for Christmas.

Superwings Jett Supercharged

Freddie is a huge Superwings fan and we got him the supercharged transforming Jett as a little reward for starting pre-school as we knew it was going to be a huge change for him. This Jett not only transforms but it has lights and sounds. Jett is never far away from him and so if you have a Superwings fan this would be a huge hit.

Little Brian Paintsticks Art Station

We’re big fans of the Painsticks and have had a few of the sets. We’ve bought the Art Station and put it away for Freddie for Christmas. I don’t doubt that he will love this. You can have a look at out previous review which shows the Little Brian Painsticks in action.


Play kitchen Sink

We bought this Play Kitchen Sink for Freddie back in June for his third birthday and it was a total winner. It might not be quite the weather for it at the moment, but this is such a good toy. You lift up the sink and add water and then the tap has a pump that makes it into a working tap. Pull the plug and the water drains into the bottom to be pumped up again into the tap. It also comes with a lot of play accessories such as cups, plates, and play fruit and vegetables

Orchard Toys Bug Bingo

Freddie likes to play games now, but they have to be quick and able to keep his attention. This little bug bingo game only takes about five minutes to play and is definitely a good introduction to games. We have several Orchard Toys games and puzzles and this is currently Freddie’s favourite.

Paw Patrol Moto Pups HQ Playset

This playset comes with Chase and his motorbike which you put on the ramp and pull it back before it shoots out with accompanying sounds. You can of course buy the additional Paw Patrol Pups with their motorbikes (maybe a good idea for family and friends to buy).

Kindle Fire Kids Tablet

I was slightly reluctant to get Freddie a tablet, but during lockdown, he became a bit of a pro with my phone and so I was constantly losing it to him whilst I was helping Belle with her school work. In my opinion, the Kindle Kids tablet is the best as far as options for games, books, and shows to watch. It doesn’t have additional things to constantly buy and there are no ads. There are loads of educational games and activities and it comes encased in a case that prevents damage from bumps and drops.


If you have kids then there’s no escape from Playdoh. If you don’t buy a set yourself, someone at some point will buy one for your children. We are a messy play house so we have a LOT of playdoh and accessories which the kids never get bored off. Freddie got a Gold Mine set similar to this set which comes with gold (it’s sparkly) and black playdoh.

Henry Hoover

What is it with kids and hoovers! This Henry Hoover is quite cool and does actually pick up some crumbs which is always a bonus. I remember when I looked after my nephew when he was a toddler and he insisted on taking his hoover everywhere we went. We left it in the bank, and the look on the face of the lady behind the desk when I came back looking for it was priceless!

Baby Shark Fishing Game

This game is a lot of fun, but just a warning, the Baby Shark song plays endlessly!

Tuff Tray and Stand

You can buy a Tuff Tray with or without a stand, but this is the one that we bought for Freddie and he prefers to play standing up. You can make the use of a Tuff Tray as easy or as complicated as you like. Set them up with paints, playdoh, arts and crafts, jigsaws, water play, slime the possibilities are endless. The stand has different height settings so you can make it the perfect height for your child and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Magnetic Play Block Set

These magnetic sets are great as you can make loads of things with them. This is one of the sets that we bought to set up on Freddie’s Tuff Tray as a non-messy play idea. We got these when Freddie was two and it’s still one of our go-to quiet play activities.

Chicco Ducati Balance Bike

Freddie is our first child to have a balance bike and this one is perfect. Freddie was two when we got this for him and it was the perfect size and weight for him to be able to ride. These days he rides like a lunatic on it and is probably on the cusp of needing to upgrade to a bigger bike.

I hope these suggestions were helpful x

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