Christmas Gift Guide for Tweens

Christmas Gift Guide for Tweens

This is definitely the age group where the price of everything hikes up and the size reduces. When they were younger, you got a lot of brightly coloured plastic for your money and this age group everything is smaller with a huge price tag attached. I remember the look on our son’s face on Christmas Day (Belle’s first) when her stuff filled half the room (think Jumperoo, megablocks etc) and he got a games console which cost three times as much!

Truck Wooden Model Kit

Wooden Truck Model Kit – £24.99

These are great if your kids are into any kind of construction kit and will keep them busy for a while. You can keep them in their natural form or paint them.


Jenga – RRP £14.99

All three of my kids love Jenga, but the only one we have at the moment is a drinking game one complete with shot glasses so maybe it’s time to buy the actual game and let Ryan have his shots one back!

Pastel coloured Nike Socks

Pastel Coloured Nike Socks – RRP £8.00

This is the price per pair of socks but apparently is something that she ‘NEEDS’. There are loads of lovely colours from sellers over at Etsy.

New Look Gift Cards

Gift Cards – RRP As much as you can afford

Belle has reached the age where she likes to pick out things herself, particularly clothes so gift cards are a great option. New Look is her current favourite shop hence the image, but you can get gift cards for pretty much all shops, and cinema ones are a good option too.

Instax Mini Poloroid Camera

Instax Mini Camera – RRP £78.00

These cameras are great for taking pictures with their besties so they can cover their walls with them.

Pink Nike Air Jordans Trainers

Pink Nike Air Jordans – RRP £125

These trainers are on Belle’s Christmas list this year………….

Metallic Marker Pen Set

Metallic Marker Pen Set – RRP £7.98

Belle loves all the different types of marker pens to use in her colouring books or to just make her homework look prettier.

Bop it electronic Game

Bop it! – RRP £17.99

This is a real hit, especially at Christmas. You can challenge each other to see who can follow the instructions for the longest. A warning though – It’s addictive!

LED Light Strips

LED Light Strips – RRP £25.99

Isabelle has put these LED lights on her Christmas list to put around her bedroom. They’re quite clever as they can be controlled by a remote or through an App on your phone.

Bath Bomb Gift Set

Bath Bomb Gift Sets – RRP £14.95

We’ve been giving some kind of bath bomb set to Belle for a few years now as she loves them and these are pretty cool.

Happy Shopping x

*This post contains items I have been gifted as well as affiliate links which means I receive a small payment if you make a purchase following one of my links at no extra cost to you.

Christmas Gift Guide for 5 – 8 Year Olds

Christmas Gift Guides for 5 – 8 Year Olds

We’ve been through this stage twice now so far and the first time it was all about football, Pokemon and football and then the second time was blind bags and Barbie.

Unicones surprise Ice Cream Cones


Unicones – RRP £12.99

If your kids like unboxing blind/surprise bags then they will love these. You can read our recent review of the Unicones here.

Mariokart Deluxe Switch Computer game

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – RRP £49.99

If you’re looking for a fun family game for your switch then I would definitely recommend this as it suits most ages. Freddie’s been giving it a go since he was three.

cutetitos Care Bear Edition. Surprise toys inside

Cutetitos Care Bears – RRP £11.99

Belle has had some of these that came inside wraps and loves them, but this is the Care Bear series which look super cute.

LEGO Spidey and his amazing friends set

LEGO Spidey and his Amazing Friends Set – RRP £18.99

What kid doesn’t like LEGO and this set includes Superhero’s so it’s a win win!

The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas book by Tom Fletcher

The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas – Tom Fletcher – RRP £6.99

If your kids appreciate poo humour then this will have them doubled over at bedtime. It’s one of Freddie’s favourites!

Mouse in the House Playset

Mouse in the House Playset – RRP £11.99

This cute playset is for playing along your skirting board and comes with stickers and accessories for your little ones to create their own little school setup. Check out our reels to see it in action.

Dobble Picture matching game

Dobble – RRP £12.99

We haven’t got this game but have heard great things about it. It’s the quickest person to match two items.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage – RRP £79.99

All boys (or girls) like Hot Wheels and there are a lot of sets to choose from. I would personally pick something like this that doesn’t look too complicated to set up. We’ve had numerous sets that nearly set us insane trying to put back together.

GooZonians stretchy characters

GooZonians – RRP £19.99

These squishy characters are great fun for squishing and stretching. There are six figures to collect and each one has a different tactile filling.

Beaker Creatures Science Experiment kit

Beaker Creatures Alien Experiment Lab – RRP £24.99

We were sent this kit to review a few years ago, but have replaced the alien pods several times over as our 4 year old loves it. You can read our review here.

Happy Shopping x

*This post contains items I have been gifted as well as affiliate links which means I receive a small payment if you make a purchase following one of my links at no extra cost to you.

Christmas Gift Guides for Babies

Christmas Gift Guides for Babies

When you have a baby the urge to buy them a shit-tonne of stuff is strong, but believe me the saying ‘less is more’ definitely applies. My biggest recommendation would be to get a Jumperoo or equivalent which are a huge lifesaver when you want to do a few jobs. They’re big, brightly coloured, and make a lot of noise but are definitely worth it!

We did sensory classes with our youngest two so we put together sensory baskets which included some bought items and the rest were things like ribbons, sponges, material, wooden spoons which they all love to play with.

Lamaze Freddie the Firefly Baby Toy

Lamaze Freddie the Firefly Pram Toy – RRP £11.99

I love this range. I used to sell them back in the day when I had my online baby shop. There are loads of features including crinkles, teething rings, and squeakers.

Fisherprice Jumperoo

Fisherprice Jumperoo – RRP £119

I said I wasn’t going to get one of these when I was pregnant with Freddie as they’re huge but I succumbed for the want of a hot cup of tea and five minutes of free arm time.

Ewan the Dream Sheep Baby White Noise Soother

Ewan the Dream Sheep – RRP £39.99

This is slightly different from the original Ewan as it has soothing lights and white noise sounds which is activated by babies movement

Baby Einstein Musical Activity Bar

Baby Einstein Musical Activity Bar – RRP £21.99

This is great for tummy time or sitting up with three settings – Colours, Animals and Xylophone.

Wooden Bunny Pop up Toy

Wooden Bunny Pop-up Toy – RRP £12.99

This toy is really simple but such a lot of fun. Put the Bunny in the hole in the top and press it down – and it pops up.

Vtech Activity Cube

Vtech Activity Cube – RRP £28.00

This cube has a different activity on each side. A word of warning is that the volume control is loud and louder but it’s definitely a thumbs up from Freddie as a baby.

Hide and Squeak Eggs

Hide and Squeak Eggs – RRP £10.99

This is such a simple toy but so much fun. You take the eggs out and put them back in time and time again with a little squeak here and there.

Fisher Price Shape Sorter

Fisher Price Shape Sorter – RRP £14.99

All babies love a shape sorter and this one has ten shapes and a carry handle.

Grasping Activity Toy

Wooden Teething Activity Toy – RRP £14.00

This toy is great for little hands to grip and seems to keep their attention with bright colours and the ability to stretch and squash it down.

Touch and Feel Baby Book

Touch and Feel Activity Book – RRP £17.99

Babies love touch and feel different materials. These books are full of crinkles, squeaks and textures. My kids had something similar to these but I would definitely buy these for any new babies in the family.

Happy Shopping x

*This post contains items I have been gifted as well as affiliate links which means I receive a small payment if you make a purchase following one of my links at no extra cost to you.

Tween Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas 10 – 13 Years Old

Tween Christmas Gift Guide: Gift Ideas 10 – 13 Years Old

As well as the Pre-school Christmas Gift Guide I thought I would put together a Tween Christmas Gift Guide guide for parents of kids aged 10 – 13 years old. Belle has just turned 11 and considers herself not to be a child anymore, so here are some of the things that she is currently hankering after as well as some things I know she will love despite her being so ‘grown-up’!

Usborne Pencil & Paper Games

Great for the car or to take to a restaurant. This Pencil and Paper Games book has loads of pages that you can tear out with noughts and crosses, squares, and hangman. There are in fact 20 different games that you can play. She didn’t even mind putting her phone down for a bit to play these.

Fidget Toys Box

Fidget toys seem to be the craze and Belle still plays with hers, as does Freddie (3). This set has various fidget toys including poppers and cubes that they will sit and play with for ages.

Sharpie Markers Set

Belle is really into stationery and got has had this set a couple of times over the past year. She uses these at school and at home to make her work look all pretty and colour coordinated. They are also great for the adult-type colouring books as the colours are bright and easy to colour with (don’t leave lines).


L.O.L Surprise OMG Remix Super Surprise

Belle is still very much into L.O.L dolls and Barbie (her fave YouTuber is My Froggy Stuff) and so this set was at the top of her Christmas list last year. It’s quite pricey, but it does come with four OMG dolls and oodles of accessories. She took herself off to make her own YouTube video unboxing of this.


Sandwhirlz Kinetic Sand Set

This is quite a therapeutic set as you chop up the different kinetic sands using the various tools it comes with. Belle plays with this, but Freddie (3) also really enjoys playing with this set.


Happy Confident Me Life Skills Journal

I’ve heard good things about this journal so I’ve bought a copy for Belle for Christmas. Making sure that our kids have a way of expressing their feelings so they grow up confident, independent and happy is so important. Belle is already started to compare herself with others and has daily tantrums which are not fun for any of us. This has lots of colourful pages which she can use her favourite gel pens. I’m sure she’s going to love it.

A Bluetooth Speaker

Belle has this one which she has hooked up to her phone. She plays it far too loud, but she loves to make up dance routines and pretend TikTok videos (she doesn’t have the actual app) but she uses it almost daily. It keeps its charge for ages as well which is always a good thing.


Belle loves scrunchies and has a LOT. I’ve pointed out many times that she only has one head and there are only so many scrunchies she can wear at any one time, but apparently you need to have oodles of them. Be warned that you will find these things in all the places around your house.

Keep Calm and Colour Unicorns

There are various versions of this colouring book including mermaids and cats. These make a great present with a pack of fine line pens or gel pens.

These are just a few ideas of things we’ve either bought for our eleven year old daughter for Christmas or things she has had over the past couple of years. You can also see what we have in mind for our 3 year old in the Pre-school Gift Guide.

*This post may contain affiliate links which means that I receive a small payment should you click the link and make a purchase at no extra cost to yourself.

Pre-School Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for 2 – 4 year olds

Pre-School Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for 2 – 4-year-olds

Freddie is currently three years old so this Pre-school gift guide is a selection of gifts based on things we have bought for him that he has enjoyed playing with and also some of the things we are looking to get him for Christmas.

Superwings Jett Supercharged

Freddie is a huge Superwings fan and we got him the supercharged transforming Jett as a little reward for starting pre-school as we knew it was going to be a huge change for him. This Jett not only transforms but it has lights and sounds. Jett is never far away from him and so if you have a Superwings fan this would be a huge hit.

Little Brian Paintsticks Art Station

We’re big fans of the Painsticks and have had a few of the sets. We’ve bought the Art Station and put it away for Freddie for Christmas. I don’t doubt that he will love this. You can have a look at out previous review which shows the Little Brian Painsticks in action.


Play kitchen Sink

We bought this Play Kitchen Sink for Freddie back in June for his third birthday and it was a total winner. It might not be quite the weather for it at the moment, but this is such a good toy. You lift up the sink and add water and then the tap has a pump that makes it into a working tap. Pull the plug and the water drains into the bottom to be pumped up again into the tap. It also comes with a lot of play accessories such as cups, plates, and play fruit and vegetables

Orchard Toys Bug Bingo

Freddie likes to play games now, but they have to be quick and able to keep his attention. This little bug bingo game only takes about five minutes to play and is definitely a good introduction to games. We have several Orchard Toys games and puzzles and this is currently Freddie’s favourite.

Paw Patrol Moto Pups HQ Playset

This playset comes with Chase and his motorbike which you put on the ramp and pull it back before it shoots out with accompanying sounds. You can of course buy the additional Paw Patrol Pups with their motorbikes (maybe a good idea for family and friends to buy).

Kindle Fire Kids Tablet

I was slightly reluctant to get Freddie a tablet, but during lockdown, he became a bit of a pro with my phone and so I was constantly losing it to him whilst I was helping Belle with her school work. In my opinion, the Kindle Kids tablet is the best as far as options for games, books, and shows to watch. It doesn’t have additional things to constantly buy and there are no ads. There are loads of educational games and activities and it comes encased in a case that prevents damage from bumps and drops.


If you have kids then there’s no escape from Playdoh. If you don’t buy a set yourself, someone at some point will buy one for your children. We are a messy play house so we have a LOT of playdoh and accessories which the kids never get bored off. Freddie got a Gold Mine set similar to this set which comes with gold (it’s sparkly) and black playdoh.

Henry Hoover

What is it with kids and hoovers! This Henry Hoover is quite cool and does actually pick up some crumbs which is always a bonus. I remember when I looked after my nephew when he was a toddler and he insisted on taking his hoover everywhere we went. We left it in the bank, and the look on the face of the lady behind the desk when I came back looking for it was priceless!

Baby Shark Fishing Game

This game is a lot of fun, but just a warning, the Baby Shark song plays endlessly!

Tuff Tray and Stand

You can buy a Tuff Tray with or without a stand, but this is the one that we bought for Freddie and he prefers to play standing up. You can make the use of a Tuff Tray as easy or as complicated as you like. Set them up with paints, playdoh, arts and crafts, jigsaws, water play, slime the possibilities are endless. The stand has different height settings so you can make it the perfect height for your child and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Magnetic Play Block Set

These magnetic sets are great as you can make loads of things with them. This is one of the sets that we bought to set up on Freddie’s Tuff Tray as a non-messy play idea. We got these when Freddie was two and it’s still one of our go-to quiet play activities.

Chicco Ducati Balance Bike

Freddie is our first child to have a balance bike and this one is perfect. Freddie was two when we got this for him and it was the perfect size and weight for him to be able to ride. These days he rides like a lunatic on it and is probably on the cusp of needing to upgrade to a bigger bike.

I hope these suggestions were helpful x

*This post may contain affiliate links which means that I receive a small payment should you click the link and make a purchase at no extra cost to yourself.

Quirky Gifts to Buy for Him this Christmas

Quirky Gifts to Buy for Him this Christmas

Men are so difficult to buy for! Each birthday and Christmas I find it really difficult to buy for Chris and like most men, he’s rubbish at giving away any suggestions. We seem to have developed our own little family thing of putting together a ‘Goody Bag’ of all of his favourite snacks, treats and drinks which is our own version of pants and socks.

Nobody wants to buy a present for the sake of buying, so here are some amazing ideas from businesses either local to us in Exeter or available to buy online.

Walnut Phone Case from Loam and Lore

Walnut Wooden Phone Case with Eco friendly Shell from Loam and Lore – £30.00 – This is completely compostable as well!

Retro VHS Sleeve Notebook from Lionshed Designs

A Retro VHS Sleeve Notebook from Lionshed Designs – £8.00
I was only trying and failing to explain how we used to record stuff on TV when I was a kid to my daughter the other day. She asked if we were really poor!

Brussel Sprout Gin would make a great Christmas Gift

Brussel Sprout Flavoured Gin from La Di Da Interiors – £12.50
What can I say, would you try this? I’m all for giving things a try once!

Personalised Leather Tablet Bag from Casting Love

A Personalised Leather Tablet Bag from Casting Love – £75.00

Christmas Gift Guide for 7 – 10 Year Olds

Christmas Gift Guide for 7 – 10 Year Olds

Christmas Gift Guide for 7 – 10 Year Olds  – Each year that goes by, the list gets longer and the cost of each gift gets more and more expensive as Isabelle has taken an interest to technology and gadgetry which generally come with a hefty price tag. Here are some of the gifts that Isabelle has mentioned that she would like as well as a few that have caught our eyes.

K’Nex Rad Rides

K’Nex Rad Rides – These kits are great for keeping the kids entertained. You can make 12 models with this kit or you can use your imagination and make one up yourself.

A Treat Trunk Kids Treat Box

A Treat Trunk Subscription Box – Full of great treats for kids. This is a great way to discover new brands and flavours that your kids will love. Join for a monthly subscription or buy a one off box. I would quite like this for myself.


Spirograph – Some things just never get old and Spirograph is one of them. I played with this as a kid and now Isabelle has it. Use the different shapes to create endless patterns that you can colour in afterwards.

Gelli Worlds Fantasy Unicorns and Fairies Pack 

Gelli Worlds Fantasy Unicorns and Fairies Slime Play Pack

Gelli Worlds Fantasy Unicorns and Fairies Pack – What’s not to love about a kit that comes with slime and things that you can put in it. This kit comes with five sachets that transforms into gloopy slime and 8 figures to create your own fairyland. 

Wannabee’s – I want to be a Teacher

Wannabee’s I want to be a Teacher Pack – Do your kids like to set up their dolls and teddies? Take a register? Mark school work? Give out certificates? and teach their ‘class’ in a booming ‘Teacher voice’? Then this pack will be perfect for them. Isabelle has enjoyed playing teachers since she started school and now has perfected her lessons, but this pack takes it to another level! Included in the pack are pages and pages of registers, lesson plans, timetables, stickers and even certificates to give out for good work and behaviour. This will keep them busy for hours!

Movie Director Maths Board Game

Movie Director Maths Board Game – Create your own movie whilst you solve maths problems along the way. Making maths fun for kids can give them a much better understanding of something they may consider a chore. This is just one of the OJO Educational Board Games which you can support by popping over to their Kickstarter page.

L.O.L Amazing Surprise

L.O.L Amazing Surprise – According to Isabelle this is the ‘Ultimate in unboxing’ for L.O.L dolls. This set includes 14 dolls and over 70 surprises.

FabLab Designer Tie Dye Kit

FabLab Tie Dye Kit – Isabelle loves a kit and she’s keen on this one in particular as she can create something to wear using colours and techniques to suit her style. We’re going to have a go at tie dying a crop top which is Isabelle’s choice of top even though it’s freezing!

Gangsta Granny by David Walliams

Gangsta Granny by David Walliams – Isabelle is reading a lot more now with a combination of real books and downloaded books on her kindle Fire. She really likes the David Walliams books and some of them have been made into TV shows. She says that they’re funny and we can hear her chuckling to herself when she’s reading.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Starship

LEGO Starwars Millennium Falcon Starship – This is something that Ryan would have loved to have been given when he was younger. Isabelle does love LEGO but I’m not sure that she would have the concentration span to sit and build something on this scale. She would love the characters though.

What are you buying your kids for Christmas this year? Leave me a comment below.

Lisa x

A Christmas Gift Guide for 7 - 10 year olds. Isabelle falls into this group this year and it's all about kits, tech and collectibles along with a good book

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Christmas Gift Guide for 3 – 4 year olds

Christmas Gift Guide Age 3 – 4 years

The heavy handed age where toys need to be sturdy and robust.

Orchard Toys Farmyard Heads & Tails Game

Orchard Toys Farmyard Heads & Tails Game is an easy but fun way to introduce games. Match up the heads and tails of the animals or make up silly new ones.

Augymer Magnetic Building Blocks

Augymer Magnetic Building Blocks – These are great for creating a number of different models including houses and planes using the different coloured shapes.

A Splashsuit 

A Puddle Splashsuit – what kid doesn’t love to jump in puddles. Keep them warm and dry in the range of splashsuits available from Rydale’s. They have elasticated cuffs and hood as well as reflective Hi-Vis piping which is great for this time of year.

BRIO Railway Starter Set

BRIO Railway Starter Set – Both Ryan and Isabelle have played with a wooden train set so this starter set is great to get started with and easy to add to with additional trains and track.

Hape Chef’s Choice Wooden Play Food

Hape Chef’s Choice Wooden Play Food – These foods are stuck together with velcro and can be chopped using the knife which is fab for imaginative play and encourages hand eye co-ordination.

Play-Doh Starter Set

Play-Doh Starter Set – This comes with lots of tools for cutting and rolling and comes with 4 pots of play-doh. My kids have always loved playing with play-doh. The feel of brand new just out of the pot dough is the best. I used to get really stressed out if the colours got mixed up, nut three kids in and I’m totally over it!

Velcro Brand Blocks Construction Triceratops Set

Velcro Brand Blocks Construction Triceratops Set – This set looks like a lot of fun. This 26 piece set will challenge your little one’s problem solving skills. The chunky pieces can be easily stuck together by velcro to make this cool triceratops.

Juno Interactive Baby Elephant

Juno Interactive Baby Elephant – Apart from this baby elephant looking totally adorable and starting off being shy by hiding behind it’s ears it makes lots of cute sounds including songs. She comes with a peanut and a mouse which she interacts with. Just watch out when she decides to sling her peanut at you,

We’d love to know what you’re getting your little ones for Christmas. Just pop us a comment below.

A Christmas Gift Guide for 3 - 4 year olds. This is the heavy handed stage so good quality hardwearing options are a must.

Lisa x

*This post contains some affiliate links which means that I receive a small referral fee at no extra cost to you if you click on a link and make a purchase

Christmas Gift Guide Age 2 – 3 years

Christmas Gift Guide Age 2 – 3 years.

This has to be my favourite of all ages as everything is so WOW and they are like little sponges wanting to know everything…….talking in their own way with the cutest pronunciations.

I think you’ll have to agree that this collection of Christmas Gift ideas is pretty cool.

Clementoni World Cup Winner

Clementoni World Cup Winner – As soon as my eldest was able to walk he was obsessed with playing football so this mini goal would be a great gift for any budding footballers.

Baby Shark Plush Puppet

Baby Shark Plush Puppet

Baby Shark Plush Puppet – This is going to be a great hit with the littles. The puppet plays the Baby Shark song and you get to control the tempo of the song. See how fast or slow you can dance along with the puppet!

SmartMax My first Safari Animals 

SmartMax My First Safari Animals – I thought these were really unusual as I haven’t seen anything like these before. The set includes 6 brightly coloured animals – a lion, giraffe, elephant, crocodile, rhinoceros and a hippopotamus which connect together with magnets. I think Freddie would have a lot of fun making up his own animal combinations.

LEGO Duplo Construction Set

LEGO Duplo Construction Set – I’m not sure I know a kid who doesn’t have some form of LEGO and Duplo is great for smaller hands. The pieces are too big for little ones to choke on but perfect for a toddler to manage and build with and the range of sets is great.

Leapfrog Lovin Oven

Leapfrog Lovin Oven – I’ve got my eye on this set for Freddie as he’s already loving playing with Isabelle’s play kitchen and this one has songs and sounds. We have the teapot set already and he loves the pouring sounds when he makes me a cup of tea.

Millhouse Wooden Play Kitchen

Millhouse Wooden Play Kitchen – This is the exact one that we got for Isabelle when she turned two and Freddie plays with now. We chose it because she was only tiny so this was a perfect height and it also folds away so is great if you don’t have much space

Count with Peppa

Count with Peppa is a great way to introduce counting to your child. Posting the coins into the slot on Peppa’s purse whilst learning colours, numbers and pictures. It also features three songs which your kids will love.

If you have anything that you think would be fitting then give us a shout and I’ll add it.

Happy Shopping.

Lisa x

A Christmas Gift Guide for 2 - 3 year olds. I think role play is huge for this age group so a kitchen and play food would be the perfect this year

*This post contains some affiliate links which means that I receive a small referral fee at no extra cost to you if you click on a link and make a purchase

Christmas Gift Guide for 1 – 2 year Olds

Christmas Gift Guide 1 – 2 year Olds

Now that they’re on the move the choice in gift increases and WHEELS. All manner of push, pull and ride on toy becomes top of the list not to mention the size of the toys. Here are some great ideas:

I’d love to know what you’re buying your little ones this Christmas. Leave me a comment x

Stickle Bricks

Christmas Gift Guide 1 - 2 years. Stickle Bricks are great for little hands

Stickle Bricks – These are great for clumsy baby or toddler hands and really easy to stick together. Freddie plays with his for ages!

Hape Early Melodies Pound & Tap Bench

Christmas Gift Guide for 1 - 2 year olds. Hape early melodies pound and tap bench

Hape Early Melodies Pound & Tap Bench – Use the hammer to pop the balls through the holes and play a tinkly tune on the xylophone. This wooden toy is nice and sturdy and provides loads of fun.

Vtech Learn & Dance Dino

Christmas Gift Guide for 1 - 2 year olds. Vtech Learn and Dance Dino

Vtech Learn & Dance Dino – Use the shape sorting pieces to make the dinosaur dance and play music which can be stored in the dinosaur egg. This looks like a lot of fun. Freddie loves music and dancing so we can’t wait to see what he thinks of this.

My First Totem

My First Totem from Gifts for Little Hands – Freddie loves to build so this set is perfect for developing his hand eye coordination and has lots of sensory features including textures, shapes and sounds. Your baby can create their own combinations as well as following the 24 challenge cards.

Pyramid 3 in 1 Pre-school Toy

Pyramid 3 in 1 Pre-school Toy – Sticking with the building theme this 3 in 1 toy is slightly more challenging for little hands with three different shaped pyramids to achieve. This one is made from hardwearing chunky wooden pieces in bright colours and can be used to help with counting as they get older.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Latches Board

Christmas Gift Guide for 1 - 2 year olds. Melissa and doug Wooden Latches board

Melissa & Doug Wooden Latches Board – If your little one loves nothing more than fiddling with plug sockets and other things that they shouldn’t ten they will love this board. There are six different latches for them to work out and open to find a farmyard animal. After a while change it up by adding your own pictures behind the doors.

Smartrike Smartfold

Christmas Gift Guide for 1 - 2 year olds. Smartrike Smartfold is a great first trike and folds up for easy storage

Smartrike Smartfold – Isabelle had her first Smartrike for her first birthday and we got such a lot of use out of it. However, we’re really struggling for space at the moment so this foldable one looks ideal, and i really like the look of the pram style handle.

Tidlo Wooden Fruit Salad Play Food

Christmas Gift Guide for 1 - 2 year olds. Tidlo Wooden Fruit Salad Play Food Set

Tidlo Wooden Fruit Salad Play Food Set – Freddie inherited Isabelle’s wooden kitchen and loves nothing more than bashing pots and pans about so these wooden fruits will be great to add to his collection.

I’d love to know what you’re buying your little ones this Christmas. Leave me a comment below.

A Christmas Gift Guide for 1 - 2 year olds. Freddie will be 18 months old at Christmas so here are some things that we've got our eye on for him this year

*This post contains some affiliate links which means that I receive a small referral fee at no extra cost to you if you click on a link and make a purchase