Christmas Gift Guide for Tweens

Christmas Gift Guide for Tweens

This is definitely the age group where the price of everything hikes up and the size reduces. When they were younger, you got a lot of brightly coloured plastic for your money and this age group everything is smaller with a huge price tag attached. I remember the look on our son’s face on Christmas Day (Belle’s first) when her stuff filled half the room (think Jumperoo, megablocks etc) and he got a games console which cost three times as much!

Truck Wooden Model Kit

Wooden Truck Model Kit – £24.99

These are great if your kids are into any kind of construction kit and will keep them busy for a while. You can keep them in their natural form or paint them.


Jenga – RRP £14.99

All three of my kids love Jenga, but the only one we have at the moment is a drinking game one complete with shot glasses so maybe it’s time to buy the actual game and let Ryan have his shots one back!

Pastel coloured Nike Socks

Pastel Coloured Nike Socks – RRP £8.00

This is the price per pair of socks but apparently is something that she ‘NEEDS’. There are loads of lovely colours from sellers over at Etsy.

New Look Gift Cards

Gift Cards – RRP As much as you can afford

Belle has reached the age where she likes to pick out things herself, particularly clothes so gift cards are a great option. New Look is her current favourite shop hence the image, but you can get gift cards for pretty much all shops, and cinema ones are a good option too.

Instax Mini Poloroid Camera

Instax Mini Camera – RRP £78.00

These cameras are great for taking pictures with their besties so they can cover their walls with them.

Pink Nike Air Jordans Trainers

Pink Nike Air Jordans – RRP £125

These trainers are on Belle’s Christmas list this year………….

Metallic Marker Pen Set

Metallic Marker Pen Set – RRP £7.98

Belle loves all the different types of marker pens to use in her colouring books or to just make her homework look prettier.

Bop it electronic Game

Bop it! – RRP £17.99

This is a real hit, especially at Christmas. You can challenge each other to see who can follow the instructions for the longest. A warning though – It’s addictive!

LED Light Strips

LED Light Strips – RRP £25.99

Isabelle has put these LED lights on her Christmas list to put around her bedroom. They’re quite clever as they can be controlled by a remote or through an App on your phone.

Bath Bomb Gift Set

Bath Bomb Gift Sets – RRP £14.95

We’ve been giving some kind of bath bomb set to Belle for a few years now as she loves them and these are pretty cool.

Happy Shopping x

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