Christmas Gift Guide for 9 – 12 Year Olds

Christmas Gift Guide for 9 – 12 Year Olds

Hmm the age when they still like to play with toys but are also trying to be completely grown up and waiting for the teenage years to kick in. Let’s make one thing clear, this age group are still kids and whether they only play when they’re on their own in their bedroom or openly they still need toys to keep them entertained (and off technology).


Lite Brite Oval with templates to create a light sensory display using coloured pegs

Lite Brite Oval – RRP £24.99. We were recently sent a Lite Brite Oval to review and it was such a hit with both my 12 year old and my 4 year old. Once you’ve completed a design you can pop it on a shelf for a light sensory display.

fidget Toy box set containing 36 fidget toys


Fidget Toy Box – RRP £15.99

These sets make an excellent present for this age group. You don’t know what you’re getting so it has the added element of surprise.

The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch Book by Tom Fletcher


The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch – Tom Fletcher – RRP £7.99

I haven’t read this book but I have it on very good authority (Belle’s) this is a really good book that she has read several times.

Barbie Extra Doll with Accessories

Barbie Extra Doll – RRP £39.99

This is obviously up to the individual child, but our eldest likes to collect Barbies and accessories and so she got this one a couple of years ago.

Kinetic Sand Set

Kinetic Sand Set – RRP Around £20.00

This set is really great for some quiet play and weirdly satisfying for all. It comes with a variety of tools and can be kept in this handy case.

Plasticine Morph Animation Kit

Morph Animation Maker – RRP £26.99

If your kids like making stop-start animation movies then this is the kit for them. Who remembers Morph? We always had Plasticine as kids.

Hip Hoppa

Hip Hoppa – RRP £24.99

This is like a pogo stick without the stick. It takes a while to work out how to get on, but once you do you’re ready to bounce away. We had a play on this recently and it was so much fun!

Word Master is the five letter word guessing game

Word Master Game – RRP £19.99

This is a great family game to play. Guess the five-letter word to be the winner!

Oversized blanket hoodie for kids


Blanket Hoodies – RRP £23.00

There are so many designs and colours to choose from but kids seem to be going crazy for these, and with heating being so expensive at the moment it’s a good buy. My daughter has one and loves it, and our youngest is getting one for Christmas as well.

Rainbow Scratch Pad

Rainbow Scratch Pads – RRP £12.99

You can get these in all different designs depending on what your kids are into, but Belle will sit and do these when she’s feeling a bit tired or more than likely when she’s had her phone taken away and she needs to have a bit of screen-free time.

Happy Shopping x

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