What would your 8 year old choose for Father’s Day?

What would your 8 year old choose for Father’s Day? How much do your kids play a part in picking a Father’s Day gift? I would say that I’m 50/50 when it comes to letting kids pick. I only say this as there was a bit of a showdown in a jewellery shop when our eldest was small. He wanted to buy the most awful gold football necklace that was horrendously tacky but also cost a fortune. I knew that Chris wouldn’t have chosen it in a million years so let’s say I used the power of gentle pursuasion to guide them to something a little bit more ‘Chris’.

We always make handmade cards which can be as elaborate and covered in a thousand stickers and glitter as they want.

Let them think it was their idea and jobs a good un!

However, we’ve teamed up with The Personalised Gift Shop and given Isabelle free reign to choose the perfect Father’s Day Gift for Daddy.

7 Best Sellers

Here are the seven most popular items bought for Father’s Day from the Personalised Gift Shop Range.

A Personalised Father’s Day Black Hip Flask – £11.99

A Personalised Happy Father’s Day Whiskey Tumbler – £9.99

Personalised Father’s Day Glass Keepsake – £19.99

Engraved Cut Crystal Whiskey Tumbler – £13.99

Personalised Father’s Day Photo Cushion – £16.99

Personalised Any Name Beer Glass Tankard – £9.99

Personalised Daddy & Me Photo Mug – £9.99

All of these are lovely gifts, and out of these I would say that Isabelle would choose the personalised photo cushion covered with pictures of herself.

What did Isabelle Choose?

I decided to give Isabelle total control when choosing her Father’s Day Gift this year with absolutely no subtle hints or gentle persuasion. I thought she would definitely choose something photo related. Any excuse to have things with her picture on it BUT I was wrong.

What she actually chose was this Personalised Retro Sweet Jar (£14.99) which to be fair is quite a good choice. Daddy likes sweets and tries (and fails) to have a hidden stash for late at night when he gets the munchies. He also likes to keep a stash in the car for when he’s driving and this jar is full of his favourites.

It took her quite a while to choose since the range is quite big but I think she chose well.

The Personalised Gift Shop has a wide range of gifts for all occasions including Wedding’s, Birthdays and the arrival of a New Baby with options to suit all budgets and tastes.

*This is a collaborative post with The Personalised Gift Shop.

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