4 month Baby Update

4 Month Baby Update

4 month baby update – I’ve said it before, but I’m going to say it again. Time is truly flying away and Freddie is getting bigger by the day. He’s four months old now and is starting to form his own little personality.

4 month baby update

He’s definitely a smiley happy baby and the only thing that makes him cry is hunger or fighting tiredness at the end of the day. Oh and he’s rather put out at being put down as well!

He loves to see everything! The trees when he laying in his pram, and I’ve just got a sling so that I can at least attempt to do things which he loves. He clearly likes to be upright and in prime position for absorbing everything going on around him.

He’s desperately trying to sit up. If we lay him down he stomach crunches so the his head and legs are up. Imagine an overturned tortoise!

Freddie smiles a lot which is always nice when you’re knackered. He has really ticklish feet and back and does a proper belly laugh when tickled.


Poor Freddie! As I said he’s a smiley happy baby, but his gums are definitely giving him troubles. He has flushed cheeks and a temperature at it’s worst, and his little confused face is so sad to see. There are no signs of any teeth cutting through yet though. He dribbles and chews on anything and everything, but he likes the teethers that you can put in the freezer and also his Squidge & Pip teether.

4 month baby update


Freddie is very inquisitive and loves to play with toys. He has quite good hand eye coordination and can pick toys up and move them around until he finds the right bit that he wants to chew on. His favourites have to be the Lamaze toys that you can clip to his chair or pram with lots of textures and dangly bits.

He also quite likes tummy time on his play mat. He has a tummy roll which he can push himself forward on.

We’ve just started Baby Sensory Classes which Isabelle did as a baby and the first week he just stared at all the other babies, but this week he was more interested. Who knew that an egg box and pegs were so interesting!

4 month baby update


I’ve particularly been keeping an eye on his weight since I’ve reestablished breastfeeding to make sure that he doesn’t suddenly dip. I’m so pleased that he seems to be gaining weight at a steady rate with his last weigh in at 15lb 3oz. He’s in size 3 -6 months clothes which he fills nicely as well.

He had his last lot of immunisations last week which left him with a temp and feeling grizzly, but it’s nice to know that he’s done now until he’s a year old.


This has been my biggest concern. Restarting breastfeeding has been so rewarding but also a major source of paranoia. Is he still hungry? Has he had enough? Am I making enough milk?

So I was offering him formula after nearly every breastfeed ‘just in case’ he was still hungry. He wouldn’t drink it so clearly he’s getting what he needs.

4 month baby update


He’s not that great at it. He likes to be in my arms and not in his crib. We were lulled into thinking we had a bit of a routine going and then just like that it’s all over the place. I’ve been reading up on the four month regression. It’s just a stage which could beΒ  down to a growth spurt or teething, but either way we hope it settles down quickly.

Slow down baby x


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  1. Ahhhh he’s a cutie! It sounds like everything is going super well apart from those pesky teeth giving him grief. Hope they come through soon

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