5 Month Baby Update

5 Month Baby Update

5 Month Baby Update – Our little Freddie is five whole months old today! He’s such a loving, smiley little boy. Of course he’s a total Mummy’s boy which I love, but equally the look of love on his face when Daddy comes home and calls him ‘Sausage’.

A baby dressed as a pumpkin sat with inflatable pumpkins


No teeth as yet but we’ve had lots of teething and dribbling. He has a couple of hard bobbles on his bottom gums at the front but nothing has broken through yet.

We’ve had so much dribble that he now wears several dribble bibs a day. It doesn’t help that he likes to blow raspberries which adds to the wetness.

We had a few days last week when he was chewing like crazy, had red flushed cheeks and would not settle enough to sleep. I used both Neurofen for babies as well as homeopathic teething crystals to try and give him some relief as well as having his teether permanently in his mouth. These have been the worse days we’ve had with him so far. The look in his poor red rimmed eyes as he had no idea what was going on.

A five month old baby asleep in a pram holding a yellow teething toy


Freddie really loves playtime which we do several times a day. He likes to be able to grab things on his own so we’ve pinched one of Isabelle’s fabric boxes to put some of his things in so he can take them out.

All the nursery rhymes are now flooding back such as ‘this little piggy’ and ‘row your boat’ and he likes those. Luckily he isn’t able to complain about my singing yet.

Peekaboo is, I would say his ultimate fave. Whether it’s your hands, a muslin or the covers when making the bed. He loves it!

We had a pumpkin themed baby sensory session last week with inflatable pumpkins, ribbons, leaves, shakers and pictures which he loved despite it being the start of his few days of teething misery.

A five month old baby boy sat smiling in his pram


Well what can I say. He’s a scrummy boy with yummy baby rolls, chubby cheeks and the squishiest baby legs ever.

He’s really strong with a good grip, particularly on hair and my necklace. He likes to sit up but he’s not doing it on his own yet. Oh and he’s started doing that great thing of going completely stiff when your trying to put him in his seat which is always fun.

Much to my upset, he is now in the sitting up part of his pram. I had no choice but to do it. He was holding onto the bar trying to stomach crunch himself up desperate to see the world AND the bobble hat that we bought him made him actually too long to fit without the bobble squishing into his head.

He loves it! He can see me and he can see everything going on around him. The first time I took him out he didn’t know which way to look, and he just grinned at anything and everything.

He weighs 16lb 4oz now.

He’s wearing 3 – 6 months clothes and his every day clothes are fine, but I’ve noticed that his toes are right at the end of some of his sleep suits. We bought him a snowsuit which we had to change for 6 – 9 months which was sensible since it hasn’t been cold enough to wear it yet.


Feeding is the same. We’re still breastfeeding with a bottle of formula at night. He has a good routine of timings for feeds during the day but night times are still hit and miss.

He’s started pulling at my clothes when he’s hungry which is a good indicator, but he is still feeding for such a long time which is quite restricting.


Argh we really need to work on this. He sleeps with me be it day or night. He hates being put down! I’ve tried, Chris has tried but he doesn’t last longer than an hour before realising that he’s in his own bed.

So we’re co-sleeping which I do and I don’t mind. I’m happy for him to sleep with me but if he’s restless or keeps snuggling into my armpit then I can’t sleep. Not to mention the fact that I’ve now started to go to bed with him just so that he will sleep which leaves me no baby free time unless you count my speed-wee breaks.

I need to get this sorted for all of our sanity but mostly so that Freddie knows it’s ok to sleep without Mummy, and that he’s safe.

Until next month.

Lisa x

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  1. Awww I miss that baby rolls and chubby cheeks. As for the sleep thing – I am sure you will figure it out soon…I guess you might hit a turning point when you decide things need to change so trust your instincts on that.

  2. such a gorgeous boy – hope the teething is over quickly and without too much pain. it’s lovely to watch babies taking such an interest in the world, they learn so much so quickly – keep on singing πŸ˜‰

  3. He looks totally scrummy and very happy. I hope you manage to sort his sleeping out soon as with our twins when they were babies I experienced the sleep deprivation and it is the worst thing ever!! Good luck and hang on in there

  4. They grow up so quickly but he looks as though he’s doing really well. I hope you manage to sort the sleeping out as it’s important for you to get some baby free time for yourself πŸ™‚

  5. aww hes growing so quickly and he looks so adorable , my daughter used to sleep with me too – it was so hard when we tried to put her to sleep on her own

  6. Aw I loved reading this! My little one is coming up to 4 months and already weighs more than yours! Crazy. I can’t wait for him to be able to sit up and have the pushchair part of the buggy out.

  7. Ahh he is just so adorable! I love that pumpkin outfit, I have one of each of mine in the same outfit for halloween! Adorable!

  8. He’ll probably hate it when he’s older but I’ll make the most of it whilst he has no choice x

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