Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Adventure | Review

Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Adventure Review

Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Adventure – We were really excited when we knew that we were going to receive a Smart Globe to review. Isabelle is now eight and laps up facts and will quote back things that she’s learnt at school such as determining what the Romans ate by analysing their pooh which she found extremely interesting. Last school term she was learning about continents so the Smart Globe was a great way to be able to show her where all the continents and countries were that she knew.

Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Adventure Review

The Smart Globe Adventure has many features which you can explore using the smart pen such as continents, countries, geography, cultures and age appropriate games including some in French.


  • Smart Learning Pen
  • The Smart Globe has five games plus 19 English language challenges + six French language activities
  • In touch mode, tap on a country to discover facts about continents, capitals, population and more
  • Local map to look at the United Kingdom and Ireland in more detail
  • Lots of quizzes
  • Download the 3D App to unlock further interaction

The Smart Globe Adventure was ready to use as soon as it was unboxed since the batteries were included and already installed which as a parent is always a good thing.

Isabelle was able to use the globe before I’d even had a chance to look at the instructions as it is very self explanatory. All the features are clearly labelled and activated using the smart pen.

The first challenge that we did was to find countries which for the first couple of goes were tricky, but once she’d played this a few times she was faster than me with some of them.

The Globe is a nice size and will look lovely displayed her in bedroom so that she can use it when she likes. The smart pen is attached by a wire which is great in terms of it getting misplaced or lost.

The voice was rather loud when it is first switched on but there is volume control, but it’s nice and clear for you to be able to hear.

Here are some of the facts that Isabelle found particularly interesting:

Bulgaria has bears and big wild cats in the mountains.

Cuba grows coffee, sugar cane, tobacco and citrus fruits and is especially famous for its cigars.

Greenland has lots of polar bears which can be over 8 feet long, and are the largest hunting animal in the world.

There are more sheep in Australia than people.

The App

We found the app quite cool and easy to use, although you do need to have good lighting in the area that the globe is being used. This can be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet but does take up quite a lot of space.

Our Thoughts

Isabelle couldn’t miss this when it arrived and wanted to open it straight away. Thankfully the packaging was easily removed and it was set up to use as soon as it was out of the box, with the batteries already inserted. I looked for the instructions whilst Isabelle got started with the globe without a second thought. You didn’t really need the instructions as the globe is very self-explanatory and easy to use.

Isabelle’s favourite features are finding the countries and the random facts which she found quite amusing. She thought that this would be something that would be good to use at school so we’re arranging for her to take it into school so that her class can all have a go with it at show and tell time.

The globe from Oregon Scientific retails at Β£59.99 and would make a great Christmas present.

*We were sent Smart Globe for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. This post contains affiliate links

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