Blogger Board Game Club – Ticket to Ride Europe

Blogger Board Game Club – Ticket to Ride Europe

Following on from our review of Get Packing we were sent a copy of Ticket to Ride Europe as part of the Blogger Board Game Club which looks rather interesting.

What’s in the Box?

  • A huge board with train tracks all over it
  • 225 Coloured Train pieces
  • 158 Game cards
  • 5 Wooden game counters
  • 15 Stations

Ticket to Ride Europe is suitable for 2 – 5 players aged 8+ and retails at Β£37.99 from game retailers.

The Game

Ticket to Ride Europe is one of many games in the Days of Wonder board games. Each player has a different colour counter and matching train pieces. Each player is dealt a long route card and three short route cards.

The aim of the game is to get as many points as you can by:

  • claiming routes between cities
  • completing a continuous path of routes between cities listed on you destination tickets
  • completing the longest continuous path of routes to win the European Express Bonus card
  • for each train station kept in reserve at the end of the game

The person who has visited the most European countries starts first and on their turn can either draw a train card, claim a route, draw destination tickets or build a train station.

Routes are claimed by putting down your coloured train pieces.

The game ends when a player has two or less train pieces and scores are then calculated.

Our thoughts

The game set up took a long time as I had to keep referring to the instructions and reading through. I was unsure that this game would manage to keep Isabelle interested long enough to finish playing.

Once we’d set up I had to keep re-reading the instructions and we got ourselves into a bit of a muddle but we persevered and managed to complete the game, I think.

Unfortunately I don’t think this game was a good fit for us, and would say that even though Isabelle is eight and a half i think she was too young for it. I think my two teenage nephews would most likely like this game.

*we were sent a copy of Ticket to Ride Europe as part of the Blogger Board Game Club, but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. This looks so much, e love playing board games. Bet my boys would love this.

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