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Pregnancy Diary Week 14

Pregnancy Diary Week 14

Pregnancy Diary Week 14 – Week commencing 3rd December. So now that we’ve entered December I really need to switch my thoughts from feeling sick and tired to the Big C.

Pregnancy Diary Week 14

Christmas has been well and truly pushed out of my mind due to it being overtaken by tiredness and sickness. I’ve now mastered the art of being sick quietly which I suppose is quite an achievement. Looks of pity or disgust at this stage are neither welcome.

I should point out at this point that I’m so very happy to be having another baby which I don’t think is coming through in any of my previous blog posts. I’ve read and been told many a time that this stage will end shortly and that I will soon start to bloom and feel full of energy.

I don’t think that I’ve possessed any decent amount of energy since being a mum so if by some miracle that happens I’ll be quite happy.

I’m getting really bad headaches which I think are down to not eating or being able to keep a decent amount of food down.

To get into the Christmas mood we thought we would go late night shopping and have a look at the Christmas Lights. We were lucky enough to watch Spark which is a electro-drumming show which was really good. This was followed by the most chaotic trip to McDonald’s with what seemed like the entire population of Exeter.

After a full day at work followed by our after work trip I was asleep in front of the TV by about 8.30pm.

It did signify the start of us thinking about Christmas and all that it entails.


The baby is about the size of a lemon, measures around 8.3cm and weighs about 43g.

The baby looks like a proper person now with hair and eyebrows. They even have their own fingerprints.

I also read that I can be affected by ‘Baby Brain’ which I definitely think I have. I go through the kids names in a list including the dog before I get to the right one, and words keep escaping me. Mid sentence I know what I want to say but the word just isn’t there. Has this happened to you?

Lisa x

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Pregnancy Diary Week 11

Pregnancy Diary Week 11

Pregnancy Diary Week 11 – Week starting 12the November. I’m still really suffering with the sickness which is all day long and the odd night as well. It’s totally draining and I’ve been getting headaches which I’m pretty sure is down to my lack of food.

Pregnancy Diary Week 11

BUT this week is the week of our 12 week scan. At this point I thought that I was much further along. I guessed around 16 weeks.

On the day of the scan I drunk loads of water and waiting for our turn. When our turn finally came round we went in and had the mandatory cold gel. It took a while to get a good shot of the baby and instantly I knew I was wrong as it was tiny. You could definitely make out the head, body, arms and legs. It was definitely a baby shape. The Sonographer took some measurements but it was proving difficult as the baby was doing loop the loop and facing the wrong way.

I was asked to jump up and down and wiggle my bum in an attempt to get it to move to a better position. It didn’t work so I was asked to do half a wee. Off I popped to the loo hoping that I could manage to do half a wee considering that I was bursting to go. I did manage to stop the flow half way (who knows what half-way means) so it must mean that I have some pelvic floor function!

I went back to have more prodding and poking with the scanner thing. The Sonographer said that I had a stomach as tight as a drum which made my day. Anyways, based on the measurements we were in actual fact 11 weeks and 4 days. I was a bit surprised as I was definitely convinced that I was further along.

I had my flu jab and blood tests before so had sore arms.

We left the hospital clutching our treasured scan picture, not before I did the other half of my wee.

Although I wasn’t technically 12 weeks we decided that as everything was okay and we were fit to burst that we would tell the kids.

The Secret is Out

We got up the next morning before school and work to tell them. Nerves got the better of me so Chris told Isabelle and Ryan that they were going to have a baby brother or sister. Ryan was a bit bemused but Isabelle was over the moon. She had loads of questions including why I didn’t have a big round tummy.

We told them to keep it quiet so that we had a chance to tell our parents at the weekend but knew that it was going to be hard for Isabelle to keep it quiet.

On the way home from school I asked Isabelle if she’d told anybody to which she answered “No Mummy. Just my best friend and all of the people that sit on my table, my teacher and the dinner ladies”!

We went to my parents first to tell them on the Saturday. We’d just got through the door, coats still on when Isabelle blurted out that ‘Mummy’s having a baby’. They were really pleased which was nice given the recent cancer diagnosis.

We then went over to Chris’ parents and on the way explained to Isabelle the reasons why she shouldn’t be blurting out about the baby. It was hilarious watching Isabelle squirm, trying desperately not to say anything. She was unusually quiet but kept giggling.

Everyone was pleased all round.

I sent a picture to my brother and sister with the caption – Hello Aunty/Uncle and got no reply so I phoned. They thought it was a joke. Not quite the response I expected but hey we were excited enough to cancel that out.

I was dreading telling work which I’d decided to do on the Monday….. Wish me luck.


The baby is around the size of an Apricot measuring around 4.1cm and weighing about 7g. It’s amazing that the baby even at this early stage is nearly fully formed! The tiny fingernails are there and all the bones in their face are now present. The body will become more proportionate. There is a lot of movement but this may not be felt as yet.


Lisa x

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Pregnancy Diary – Week 8

Pregnancy Diary – Week 8

Pregnancy Diary Week 8 week starting 22nd October. This is the second week of our half-term but I’m back to work this week leaving the rest of them at home and still in bed.

Pregnancy Diary Week 8

Week 8

This week is the same as last week in terms of how I’m feeling. It’s really hard being at work as I feel so so tired and have no concentration span whatsoever.

I always take my own lunch to work which is proving so problematic. I don’t really want anything but am snacking throughout the day. The smells from the staff kitchen are also bothering me. We’ve gone from everybody bringing salads and sandwiches to everybody bringing in warm food. Warm food = food smells.

I’m really fed up of being sick now. I know nobody likes being sick, but the constant feeling of feeling sick whilst hungry and not knowing if the next thing I eat is going to have me heading to the loo.

I also went to a wedding meal this week where we had to pre-order our food. What I’d previously ordered didn’t seem too appetising and I struggled through the meal with gritted teeth.


My baby is as big as an Olive weighing around nearly 2cm long. Already it’s fingers and toes have formed and it’s heart will beat at around 160 beats per minute. The baby’s skin is almost transparent and the colour pigment in their eyes has started to form. The baby’s diaphragm is developing which will enable the baby to breathe and hiccup.

Until next week.

Lisa x

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Pregnancy Diary – Six Weeks

Pregnancy Diary Six Weeks.

I wrote all of this when I thought I was around eight week’s pregnant based on my dates, but since having the scan it seems that I would have only been six weeks at this point. So here is my Pregnancy Diary Week Six (written 8th October).

Pregnancy Diary Six Weeks

Nausea has hit a high!

Monday morning and not only did I switch my alarm off and go back to sleep but there’s a smelly man on the bus. The smell is wafting and it’s taking all my energy not to be sick on the head of the girl in front of me.

I’m starving but I don’t fancy anything unless it has cheese in/on it. I’m loving those Tuc Cheese Sandwiches, crackers and cheese, crisps and a lump of cheese, cheese on toast or just cheese on its own.

I wonder how far I’ll get before I’m swigging Gaviscon from the bottle.

I’m not sure if I’m going to get to the twelve-week scan before I’m outed. I look and feel like death. I do not have any glow about me. I have the concentration span of a goldfish and am toddler foot-stamping tired!

We’re off on our holibobs next week with the kids, our son’s girlfriend, the in-laws and my sister-in-law.

This is going to be the test of all tests. Why am I not having a glass of wine and how am I going to disguise the sickness.

I could pretend I have an all-week sickness bug! Hmmm, I dunno.

Would it be so bad if they knew? Probably not but I want the reassurance that all is well before we reveal our secret.

On the plus side, it means I only have one week of work which will make things slightly easier.

Today was possibly the worse so far in terms of feeling sick. The highlight of the day being needing to wee for the millionth time. After going in the loo and locking the door does the whiff of somebody else’s pooh. A hand clamped over my mouth I have two options:

1. Run out and gasp for air whilst gagging on an eye-watering way.

2. Stop breathing, go about my business and get out of there asap.

As much as it pained me I had to opt for number 2. I was desperate to go and was just about to leave for a 45-minute trip home. I had to gather myself and act/look normal on departure. Bleugh, why can’t people save their dirty business for when they get home!

I’ve had a little bit of spotting this week which has scared me so much. I’ve been obsessively checking and have been barely moving in case I do something to harm the baby. Of course I’d convinced myself that I was going to lose the baby and although the GP was great when I spoke to him, he did say that if it’s going to happen it will and there’s very little I could do about it.

It may be factual but not at all comforting. I’ve got my first appointment with the midwife on Friday and he said that she may book me in for an early scan.

I think that I’m possibly further on than 8 weeks but we’ll see.

Meeting the Midwife

I met one of the practice midwives today along with a student midwife. They were both very nice and asked me lots of questions.

We’re we happy about the pregnancy? Yes

Had I had any previous complications? Gestational diabetes.

All the usual checks such as blood pressure and weight. I wasn’t expecting to have blood taken today. My appointment was really close to Isabelle’s pick-up time and I’m a bit of a fainter when blood is taken.

I explained that I thought I was further along than expected which has been the case both times previously. The dates are taken from the first day of your last period which technically makes me eight weeks today, but I’ve had a full period both times before which would actually make me 12 weeks pregnant.

Despite this, my scan was booked on my predicted dates for the 16th of November. This seems like a long way off.

I was given an enormous folder that was packed full of stuff so had to cram this into my bag and smuggle it home before school pick up.

The next appointment I have is at home which the midwife will be contacting me to arrange.

How did you feel at this stage?

Lisa x

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