Pregnancy Diary – Week 8

Pregnancy Diary – Week 8

Pregnancy Diary Week 8 week starting 22nd October. This is the second week of our half-term but I’m back to work this week leaving the rest of them at home and still in bed.

Pregnancy Diary Week 8

Week 8

This week is the same as last week in terms of how I’m feeling. It’s really hard being at work as I feel so so tired and have no concentration span whatsoever.

I always take my own lunch to work which is proving so problematic. I don’t really want anything but am snacking throughout the day. The smells from the staff kitchen are also bothering me. We’ve gone from everybody bringing salads and sandwiches to everybody bringing in warm food. Warm food = food smells.

I’m really fed up of being sick now. I know nobody likes being sick, but the constant feeling of feeling sick whilst hungry and not knowing if the next thing I eat is going to have me heading to the loo.

I also went to a wedding meal this week where we had to pre-order our food. What I’d previously ordered didn’t seem too appetising and I struggled through the meal with gritted teeth.


My baby is as big as an Olive weighing around nearly 2cm long. Already it’s fingers and toes have formed and it’s heart will beat at around 160 beats per minute. The baby’s skin is almost transparent and the colour pigment in their eyes has started to form. The baby’s diaphragm is developing which will enable the baby to breathe and hiccup.

Until next week.

Lisa x

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