Pregnancy Diary Week 9

Pregnancy Diary Week 9

Pregnancy Diary Week 9 Week starting 29th October – This is seriously going to be a testing week. The tiredness I’m feeling at the moment is overwhelming and the sickness is still at its peak.

Pregnancy Diary Week 9

Isabelle is really excited looking forward to Halloween. Last year she had her first taste of trick or treating and loved it so much that it is definitely the expectation that we will be going again this year.

We did go trick or treating after finding some energy reserves from somewhere. We went as a group with some of our neighbours. Isabelle had a lovely time so it made making the effort totally worth it and I was able to sneak a few sweeties once she was in bed as well.

The baby is now the size of a raspberry but I feel like the size of a whale! My belly feels really rounded even though in reality it just looks a bit squishy not flat.

I’ve bought some jumpers which will hopefully make me feel less self-conscious. I really don’t like the beginning bit waiting for the bump to become an actual bump instead of looking like I’ve pigged out too much.

I look awful. Tired and a bit sickly, but Isabelle is full of a cough and cold which I think unfortunately is heading my way.

Remember that feeling of trying to hide stuff from your parents? Well hiding this pregnancy and the risk of being outed by my teenage son is way worse than that. He’s going to be disgusted. I feel that we may be sat down and read the contraception riot act. How irresponsible! At your age. God we’re so embarrassing!

So the hardest part of this week has been the eating. How do you explain away the fact that one second you’re not hungry at all (feeling sick) and the next your ransacking the snacks.

Oh and chicken has been added to the no go list.

Cheese is still up there, even better with silver skin pickled onions. Ryvita crackers are also a fave at the moment.

They do say savoury cravings for a boy and sweet cravings for a girl, but I’ve had the same tastes for both and have had one of each.

Concentrating at work is proving a lot more difficult than I thought. I’m looking forward to the scan and afterwards being able to tell people our good news.


The baby’s organs, nerves and muscles are starting to function now. Their ears are starting to develops and it has eyelids. Fingers and toes are changing from buds to actual digits. The baby is stretching and moving about. They are also beginning to swallow fluid and produce its own digestive juices.

Hold on in there little Raspberry.

Lisa x

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  1. Oh those first trimester weeks are so tough just got out of mine. The sickness is awful but the tiredness is on another level. I kept falling asleep on the sofa at 7/8 pm bless my hubby didn’t see me I just slept when my older two slept. Glad to be out of that. Sounds like you were the same. Thank you EVER so much for linking up with BUMPS & BABIES linky. #bumpsbabies

  2. I’ve been feeling like a zombie for weeks and only just starting to come out of it. Eating though is still problematic. Loving the Linky x

  3. Unfortunately I get it all the way through but you get used to it in a weird kind of way…….

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