Cutetitos Review

Cutetitos ReviewΒ 

Cutetitos Are the latest collectible mystery plush toy that will definitely be a winner this Christmas.

Unwrap the burrito to discover one of twelve Cutetitos. The latest collectible pets.

An image of two Cuteitos Toys

The Cutetito is wrapped to look like a genuine burrito, it even comes wrapped in foil.

Unwrap and rewrap the burrito as many times as you like with the velcro fastening.

An image of a Cuteitos Toy in its wrapping

Which pet did we get?

There are a selection of pets to discover including a puppito, catito, slothito, pigto, bunnito, bearito or monkito!

They also range in level of spice (just like a real burrito). Will you reveal a mild, medium, hot or super spicy.

As well as the pet you get a collector card which tells you your new pets name, date of birth, level of spice and a quotito.

Isabelle was very excited to unwrap a Cutetito and really didn’t mind which one she got.

An image of a girl holding the Cuteitos to her mouth pretending to take a bite

Once we took the packaging off the burrito was wrapped in foil, just like you would get from a street vendor which I think went over Isabelle’s head but I thought was a nice touch.

We got Luckito a blue cat who is hot in spice level. Both the toy and the wrap are so unbelievably soft.

Isabelle was over the moon with it and was constantly wrapping and unwrapping her Cutetito. She was playing with Freddie, her six month old brother who thought it was fun to pull her out so that Isabelle could wrap it back up.

An image of a Cuteitos toy unwrapped revealing the surprise soft collectable toy

Luckito has been given a prime spot in Isabelle’s bedroom and she’s already on her way to saving up her pocket money for another one.

Our thoughts

Isabelle is a fan of collectible toys ranging from dolls to mini figures and pets.

The Cutetitos are larger than most collectible toys with very little packaging. The wrap is made from the same soft material as the pet so you can wrap, unwrap and rewrap over and again.

An image of a girl with the unwrapped Cuteitos on top of her head

The Cutetitos would definitely make a great Christmas stocking filler or birthday present. They’re aimed at the 6 – 10 range but are suitable from three years onwards.

As a parent I thought the Cutetitos were a lovely surprise gift and good value for money with a recommended retail price of Β£9.99.

They get the thumbs up from us.

Cutetitos can be bought from Smyths Toys and other retailers for Β£9.99

*we were sent a Cutetitos for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.