Guinness World Record Challenge Game Review

Guinness World Record Challenge Game Review

Guinness World Record Challenge Game Review – Hands up if you have a Guinness World Record book. The book full of weird and wonderful facts. Many of them unbelievable or a bit cringy like the longest ever finger nails.

Guinness World Records Challenges Game

We used to buy Ryan the Guinness World Records book every Christmas and he would sit reading out all the strangest facts that he could find.

Guinness World Records Challenges Game

Guinness World Records Challenges Game

We played this with Isabelle who is really looking forward to playing again on Christmas Day with her big brother who will be with us. Any chance to make him do silly things.

Isabelle’s first challenge was to stack as many coins on her bent elbow as possible. I thought that she wouldn’t be able to do this but she was surprisingly good and managed to stack five before they fell off.


We all had a go at the back to front hand clap challenge which was a lot of fun.

This game puts players knowledge about Guinness World Records to the test and challenges opponents to demonstrate some nifty record- breaking skills using everyday household items!

A girl playing the Guiness Book of World Records game

Included in the game are the board, 20 challenge cards (10 best time and 10 timed challenges), 150 Guinness World Record cards with 600 questions including some amazing records, a score pad, counters, dice and a ping pong ball. The aim of the game is to collect three challenge cards to be crowned the winner.

Its amazing just reading the world records alone and here are a few that caught Isabelle’s eye:

Most Modelling Balloon Sculptures Made In One Hour – John Cassidy (USA) made 747 balloon shapes in just one hour at Buck County Community College in Newtown, Pennsylvania, USA on 14 November 2007.

Most M&M’s Eaten in One Minute Blindfolded using Chopsticks – On 8 December 2011, Ashrita Furman (USA) at 20 M&M’s in 60 seconds while blindfolded in New York, USA.

Largest Pizza Commercially Available – The Giant Sicilian has on sale at Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria in Los Angeles, California, USA since 2010. It measures 1.87m (20ft 36in).

A close up shot of the Guiness Book of World Records Board Game

Our thoughts

I thought this was a really fun family game. It was a chance for everybody to get a bit silly and the challenges were things that Isabelle could get involved with as well. This gets a huge thumbs up from us and we would recommend it for the top choice for playing over Christmas. It would also be a lot of fun to get a group of friends round to play when the kids are in bed. We can’t wait to see Ryan try and put as many socks on as he can whilst standing on one foot!

The game is available to buy at online and at most toy retailers for Β£24.99

*We were sent a copy of the Guinness World Record Challenges Game for the purpose of this review. All opinions and thoughts are our own.