Fingerlings Review + Giveaway

Fingerlings Review + Giveaway

Fingerlings Review + Giveaway – Isabelle was very excited when she came home from school to find that she had been sent a new pet in the form of a Fingerlings Monkey to look after.

Win A Wow Wee Fingerlings Monkey

We were sent Candi who is a pink monkey with a little tuft of turquoise hair as well as turquoise wrists, ankles and the end of her tail. There are 19 monkeys to collect, some of which are two-tone like ours. You can pop over to the Fingerlings website where you can log which fingerlings you have, watch little videos and find out how to play with your Fingerling.

As well as Candi we have Gemma who is a unicorn so the two of them now hang out together in Isabelle’s room.

What can Candi do?

Candi is pretty impressive with the actions that she can do. She can blow you a kiss, makes several different sounds be touching the sensors on the top of her head and she really likes to hang upside down where she makes different sounds. In total there are around 40 sounds that she makes which I’m not sure we’ve heard all of them yet.

She also likes to have a little snooze and will close her eyes if you put her in the cradle position. We found that she quite likes to chill out on a bunch of bananas.

I think Isabelle prefers the monkey over her unicorn because the tail means that she can hang her upside down so we’ve found her everywhere from the kitchen units to the bannister on the stairs.

Fingerlings Review

The Best Bit

If you have a Fingerling or seen the advert for the Fingerlings then you will already know what the ‘best bit is’.

Of course, at seven years old the funniest thing possibly on the planet is the fact that Candi can fart and burp. It never fails to get a chuckle out of Isabelle. If she’s grumpy or sad, any mention of anything to do with burping or farting is always going to get a reaction.

I hate the word FART so it’s quite nice that they’re referred to as TOOTING which again brings on the chuckles.

The Fingerlings retail at ยฃ14.99 so not an expensive toy and you can buy optional accessories such as monkey bar playset where they can hang out.

As well as Monkeys there are Unicorns and Sloths which are equally as cute.

What we think

As a mum the Fingerlings are a great toy to buy for your children. They are collectable which seems to be the only type of toy that Isabelle wants at the moment. They are portable so we can take the Fingerlings out and about if she wants to and the batteries last ages which is always a plus for us Mums and Dads.

Isabelle has played with her Fingerling monkey a lot since she arrived alongside her unicorn which she bought herself with her pocket money. She’s already decided that the next one that she wants is Marge the Sloth so that she has one of each type.

So with that the Fingerlings two tone Monkeys get a big thumbs up from both of us!

If you have a little boy or girl who would like a Fingerlings Monkey then please do enter our competition to WIN a Fingerlings Two-tone Monkey via our Rafflecopter

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Good Luck.

Lisa x

*We were sent a Fingerlings Monkey for the purpose of this review. All opinions and thoughts are our own.

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  5. My daughter keeps seeing the adverts so would be over the moon to receive a fingerling

  6. My great-niece Phoenix would love this if I was lucky enough to be your winner. Thanks for the chance.

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  11. I would give it to my daughter, she has been after one of these for a long time!

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