Meal Plan Monday 20.01.20

Shopping Around

As we’re currently online food shopping I thought I would shop around and use up any offers that are around to save a bit of money.

Meal Planning

We usually shop at Aldi or Lidl’s so I would say that whilst online shopping has its advantages our shopping bill has increased. Our first shop was with Tesco and this shop was with Sainsbury’s which is definitely more expensive. Luckily I found an £18 off offer which made it around the same as last weeks. Having said that, I didn’t need to get washing powder or cleaning products so I would say that Sainsbury’s is definitely more expensive.

Anyway, here’s what we’re eating this week.


Halloumi and Mushroom Burgers and chips – based on my favourite Nando’s meal. We cook the mushrooms (large) with garlic, Worcestershire sauce, chilli flakes and oil drizzled over. Fry the halloumi and then put in a brioche bun with mayonnaise, chilli jam and rocket. It’s one if my favourite meals and sometimes (ok most times) we have two burgers each, but we miss out the chips. Our kids have a weird dislike to mushrooms so they’re having chicken fillet burgers with mayonnaise and lettuce.


Chilli and Rice – I’m back at work today so am taking full advantage of Chris cooking. He’s going to make a chilli with rice, tortilla chips and soured cream.


Prawn and Chorizo Pasta – I’m anticipating that Freddie’s going to be clingy today so a super quick dinner is the best option.


Roast Chicken – Again it’s a work day for me so Chris can cook us a move roastie to come home to.


Spanish Chicken with New Potatoes – this is a good dish to make a big tray of which is good as my mum comes over on a Friday. I prep everything during the day so that there’s minimal kitchen time for me and it’s a one pot so less washing up.


Ham, Egg and Chips – Using the last piece of Christmas Ham and making my own chips sprinkled with paprika, this always goes down with everyone for minimal effort.


Baked sweet potato skins – filled with spicy mixed beans and smothered in manchego cheese this sounds delicious. I found the recipe on the Tesco Website which will be our first time trying it. Ryan’s not a fan of sweet potatoes so he’ll have a normal jacket potato.

And that’s it for this week.

Lisa x


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  1. Sounds like you’ve got some delicious meals planned and have thought about the time restraints that you might have too!

    I hope that it goes well for you & thanks for linking up x

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