Meal Planning Monday

A bit of a fail

So last week I shopped at Sainsbury’s and spent more than we usually do but it didn’t last the whole week and Chris had to go and do a top up shop so that we had enough fruit and lunchbox stuff. All the evening meals were sorted there just wasn’t enough for both breakfasts and lunches.

I think I got the meal planning done and then looking at the total, wasn’t realistic with the other bits that we needed. Between Isabelle and Ryan our fridge and cupboards get raided daily!

We’re back to Aldi this week to which my purse let out a sigh of relief.


Cottage Pie and Veg – this is a family favourite which we haven’t had for a few weeks.


Curry and Rice – we have both meat and veg that could be used for this so I’ll leave it to Chris to decide what type of curry he wants to make.


Pasta Carbonara with Garlic Bread – A quick and easy mid-week meal that I can quickly put together.


Chicken Tray Bake with New Potatoes – Using chicken thighs this is not only tasty but goes a long way when you’re feeding quite a few of you. I’ll share the recipe for what we do at some point when I can get Chris to write is down.


Stir-fry – I’m not sure what meat or flavours for this yet but we have quite a few options in the cupboard but maybe sweet and sour or hoisin with noodles and bean sprouts.


Mushroom and Spinach bakes with New potatoes and salad – these were from the freezer section in Aldi so we thought we would give them a go. As the kids hate mushrooms they will probably have some fish instead.


Roast Dinner – again we’re undecided on the meat and haven’t bought it as we didn’t have the space. I’m thinking lamb with mint sauce and all the usual suspects.

In need of inspiration

This was really hard to put together. I have zero inspiration and had a total mind blank for ideas. I think I’m going to have to do some recipe research. Freddie throws a lot of his food around at the moment and Isabelle has become extremely picky and critical of almost every meal we give her.

I’d love to know what your family favourites are.

Lisa x

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