My Family Life 2021 (31/52)

My Family Life 2021 (31/52)


It’s officially the start of the school holidays but we’re still isolating. We’ve still got the teacher presents that we weren’t able to give out. We had chocolate bouquets made so it’s touch and go whether they’ll make it to the start of the new school year.

We set up a fake beach as we were taking part in a campaign for the new kids show Kangaroo Beach. So we drew and coloured fish, Freddie got beach ready in his trunks and we made the sea with a blue sleeping bag. Freddie loves the beach, but it means we have to tag team going in the water with him as he spends pretty much all the time in the sea. I always look around at the Mums and Dads sat down chilling or reading whilst their kids sit by them building sandcastles, and wonder how we get some of that!


A work day for me and my laptop has been playing up. Everything on the screen is really enlarged making it really hard to read. I’ve tried everything, googled it and phoned the IT department. It was a slow day!


It’s our last day of isolation so I decided to tackle the under stairs cupboard. It’s amazing how much stuff (crap) we can fit in there. I found a random box that had all sorts of things in it from piles of really old payslips to my old Nokia phone I gave it to Freddie who wanted to know if it was a remote control.

Belle thought it was hilarious as I explained that it was just for phoning and texting with the odd game on it. This was mine and Chris had the pale blue version – we were at the top end of mobile phones at the time!


FREEDOM! Where’s the first place we visited? B&M followed by McDonald’s for lunch. I wanted some garden chairs as we’re having family over at the weekend and not enough seating. It was an unsuccessful trip aside from loads of sweets, a few toiletries and some cushions.

However, it was nice to be out and about. I did notice that mask wearing is about 50/50 in the shops. We’re still going to wear them in shops and enclosed places as there’s still so many people testing positive for Covid, so better safe than sorry.

It should have been a work day for me but we were all given a ‘Thank you day’ as part of the NHS which I thought was a nice touch. I’m not front line or even patient facing, but it was a lovely gesture in an awful situation.


Cake making today for my Grandsons birthday party on Sunday. It’s hard to believe that my eldest has been a dad for three years. His actual birthday was spent in isolation so hopefully this weekend we can have a really great time to make up for it.


We went to Dartmoor Zoo. The weather forecast wasn’t great and the clouds got greyer and greyer the closer we got. Just as we arrived it started to rain, but thankfully it only lasted a few minutes and was done by the time we got through the entrance bit. The rest of the day was sunny and hot.

We saw all the animals apart from the Jaguar who was obviously hiding somewhere in its enclosure.

We were treated to a show from the female tiger who was playing with a ball in the water. It’s amazing how close we were to her and she was beautiful.

We heard the lion roar and making the noise of a cat with a fur all on a much larger scale.

There was a dinosaur theme so the kids had maps and had to find various dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs. They also got to dig for fossils which Freddie and Luka loved.

We saw some animals that we haven’t seen before. They had giant rat like creatures, Dik Diks *snigger snigger* and these birds which were black with the most vibrant colours in their fronts.

My Mum came as well – she was born in Exeter and had never been to Dartmoor Zoo before. It’s quite hilly and I think she found the walking a bit much, but she said it was worth it.


We had all the family over for a Luka’s Birthday party. Ryan and his fiancée did all the decorating with a dinosaur themed balloon arch, balloons and a piñata. All the cousins came over and they had so much fun. The poor piñata didn’t stand a chance l, even from the younger ones.

Luka was teaching the great-grans the Baby Shark dance moves which they were getting all wrong.

By the end of the day we were all knackered but it was totally worth it to get everybody together.

All in all it was a great weekend.



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