My Family Life 2021 (32/52)

My Family Life 2021


After a busy weekend, we had a lovely chilled out day. Well, I say that but there was much cleaning and washing involved. Freddie was happy pottering around playing with his toys and Belle was happy hiding away in her room which she likes to do these days.

This months Birch Box arrived which I love every single month. It’s so nice getting some treats.


A work day for me. Just today and Thursday and then I’ve got two weeks off from my employed job.

The kids went out with Nanny for a few hours today, and then Belle went for a sleepover at her best friends house. She took a bag big enough to stay away for a week!


My Mum was looking after my brothers kids so we went to see them today. It was just Freddie and I but the cousins had a lovely time together. We walked over and it would have been quicker if I’d taken a snail with me.


I was in the office today. It was nice not to be at home for a change. It was the last day before my annual leave. I had thought that my time with the team was coming to an end but I’m staying for now which I’m pleased about.


We were going to go out. It started to pour down so that ruined our plans. In the end my sister took Belle to ibounce trampoline park and Freddie and I stayed at home playing cars. Freddie would have loved it too but under 5’a are only allowed to go to the family sessions which were fully booked. My sister and I had a catch up when they came back which was nice. Freddie loves it when ‘Aunty Smelly’ (Kelly) comes over because she’s super noisy and messes around with him.


The weather is still a bit iffy so we decided to make cupcakes and watch a film.

It’s really hard baking with a 10 year old and a 3 year old. Neither of them wants to share with the other so we have to share the jobs out or it all becomes a nightmare. Each of them has six cakes. We use different coloured cases so there’s no confusion. Once cooked they have the end of a worktop each to decorate as they want. Freddie finished his in about five seconds whilst Isabelle takes ages decorating hers. Both of them made cakes that look like boobies which they thought was hilarious.

Freddie’s Cakes


The start of ten days off as a family. We went to the quay for coffee, cake and ice cream. There’s a coffee shop that we always go to so the kids now call it our coffee shop.

The queue was so long and the ice cream was quite drippy by the time we got it so the dog got quite a treat as he finished Freddie’s.

There’s a little boat that you can go from one side of the river to the other instead of going over the bridge. They use a wire from one side to the other and pull the. Oat backwards and forwards. We went on this for the first time with Freddie and he really enjoyed it. We even watched as he dropped the wire in to the water to allow a boat to go past.

We then went in the park and Chris and I took it in turns to stay outside with the dog. We finished off the day with a steak dinner. All in all it was a nice first day off together.

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