Our Family Life 2021 (33/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (33/52)


We thought we’d do a few bits and bobs at home to kick off the week and I had a bit of work to catch up on.

Freddie is obsessed with belles hamster, Cookie, and likes to talk to her every day. He’s been watching a YouTube show which is basically hamsters going around elaborate cardboard mazes and loves it. He likes to get the cage down to watch it with Cookies ‘friends’ which is kind of cute.


Belle and I escaped on our own to do some birthday shopping for Daddy’s birthday this weekend. it was kind of successful but we ended up with more stuff for Belle than we did for the birthday boy. We also met my son and his fiancée for lunch at Slim Chicken which we haven’t had before. It was lovely but both Belle and Ryan were quite irked that they don’t have ketchup. Loads of nice dipping sauces minus the very obvious and I’m guessing most asked for ketchup. Odd!


This morning we went to Toddler Sense this morning. Belles’s friend’s mum runs it so she met her friend whilst we were there. Freddie was really shy to start with and a bit uncertain about going up to the front to collect the shakers and ribbons etc but he got there once he’s warmed up and really enjoyed himself.

Afterward, we went for coffee and ice cream with belles friend and her mum followed by a trip to the park.

We also popped into a charity shop after much begging from Belle and ended up with a dolly and a buggy which Freddie proudly pushed all the way home.


We had a day at home and I had my hair done. I had balayage a few months ago with darker roots and lighter on the ends which I love. I had the colour redone today and I love it. I’ve had quite a bit chopped off and additional layers as it’s so thick and a bit unruly at the moment. It feels so much lighter and swishier now!


Our morning started with a gorgeous breakfast at the Pink Moon. They were doing a summer holiday special with unlimited pancakes and milkshakes for the kids.

Chris had a full moon breakfast which was a full English with posh beans and avocado on the side. I had a breakfast muffin filled with pulled pork, bacon, and cheese with hollandaise sauce. It was gorgeous.

We then went to the sports shop to get both kids new trainers. Thankfully it was a successful trip with very little grumbling from Belle. There was a sticky point when Freddie wanted one Spider-Man trainer and one Cars trainer with flashing lights on the side.


As it’s Chris’ birthday tomorrow and my mother-in-law next week we had a family picnic at my in-law’s house. We all had to take some food with us so Chris made a pressed picnic loaf with loads of meats, cheeses, and pickles which he impressed himself with so much.

It was a lovely afternoon. The weather didn’t look too hopeful in the morning but the sun came out and the kids were able to play with a sprinkler pad which they loved.


It was Daddy’s birthday today so the day started with presents which Freddie helped unwrap, telling him what everything was as he unwrapped them. Chris like most men is really hard to buy for, but this year he was clear on what he wanted (at the last minute). He wants to get a tattoo. His first tattoo. Whilst moneys slightly boring to give as a present I would much rather give him something that he wanted rather than the usual go-to presents of aftershave, t-shirts and alcohol.

Then Belle decided she wanted to make a Birthday Breakfast. She did very little by way of helping with the full English that ended up on the table, but took 100% of the credit. Typical….

We had a pretty chilled morning followed by us going out for a child-free meal in the afternoon which was such a treat. We rarely spend any time on our own without the kids so it really was very nice. this is when having an older child comes in quite nicely. Ryan and his fiancée came over to look after the kids armed with kids magazines which was a smooth move on their part.

We picked a local Portuguese restaurant that was recommended to us, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. We had a selection of starters including a type of stew with beef and chorizo. It was the kind of dish you could eat a huge bowl of with a stack of bread for dipping. We also had prawns, a goats cheese and spinach samosa, cod fritters and these little shrimp filled pastry’s which were amazing.

For the main course we had a sharing platter of sizzling pork and sausage with fries, salad and some side dishes which looked like Cous cous but were in fact cornbread crumbs with a mix of chickpeas, tomatoes and kale. We washed it all down with a jug of sangria. The desserts sounded amazing but we didn’t have any room left to eat anything else.

All was well when we got home, and we had that nice feeling you get when you actually get to sit down, talk and appreciate a meal without small people invading your space.

It’ll be sad when Chris has to go back to work, but it’s been a great week.