Our Family Life 2021 (18/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (18/52)

Monday was a lovely day. Freddie and I pottered in the garden. Freddie played with his tuff tray full of water with cups and bowls to pout which is his favourite thing to do at the moment. After school, we walked the long way home via our local playing fields so that both the kids and the dog could have a runaround.

Failed No-spend Day

Tuesday was a workday. I’ve been making a conscious effort to try and have some no-spend days each week so my work days would be perfect. It means that I have to make my own lunch, but since we’re trying to save as much money as we can I should try and do this anyway. This all went out of the window with a few last-minute birthday buys.

Wednesday I spent the day wrapping birthday presents and writing his cards for our eldest’s birthday. Tomorrow Ryan turns 22 and this will be the first year since he was born that we won’t see him. He’s still on base until Friday so we’ll have to celebrate then.

Thursday is Ryan’s 22nd Birthday and I’m working! I haven’t made a cake and I’m not going to see him. It feels really weird, but he’ll be back tomorrow and we’ll have cake and presents and probably a cheeky beer.

A Leaky Sink and Carl the Caterpillar saves the day

Friday turned into a disaster from the start. We got up and Belle went off to school as usual, and then Freddie and I were all set to start making a huge fat chocolate cake for Ryan’s birthday when I smelt a smell. It was a drain smell so I looked under the skin and yuk, everything was covered in slimy stinky water. The pipe was leaking. Very slowly though so I imagine the water had built up over a couple of days. We had to scrap the cake making and started pulling everything out of the cupboard so that we could clean it and assess the damage. It’s amazing how much stuff we had in that cupboard. After I mopped up the slimy water, it looked like the shelves and the kickboard thing would need to be taken off to clean any water that had gone down behind. After that was sorted and the plumber booked, we made a mad dash to Tesco’s to get a birthday cake. We opted for a Carl the Caterpillar which Freddie thought was great. Ryan came home for presents, cake, and Pizza.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty miserable days. It felt like everybody was out doing fun stuff, but here in Devon it was pretty crap weather with intermittent rain and the wind was crazy. We actually had hailstone at one point, so the thought of going to sit outside somewhere for food just wasn’t an option.

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