Our Family Life 2021 (19/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (19/52)


Bank holiday Monday and nowhere to go. I’m not really fussed about going out for drinks or food as yet, but it would have been nice to do something with the kids. As it was, it was raining so another day at home. I made the first lasagne in ages. Chris is really good so it was a test to see if mine was better. I missed out on the crown for best lasagne, and literally only scraped through with being better than school lasagne. We made a cheeky reel if you want to see what my daughter thinks.


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Tuesday was a work from home day. We were also waiting for the plumber to come and fix the kitchen sink. He finally arrived at around 4pm so we had fish and chips for tea, by the time he was finished and gone.


Wednesday was my Step-Dads funeral. The day started off really grey and rainy, but by the time we were at the crematorium it had brightened up. It was cold, but we had blue skies. The funeral was as sad as expected. The worse bit is seeing how upset your kids are. They’ve only seen him for well over a year to wave at from their balcony which is so awful. We were taking Freddie with us but at last minute decided to ask my in-laws to look after him. I’m sure a funeral comes under essential childcare so I don’t think we broke any COVID rules as a one-off. We went to a local pub to toast his memory and ended up staying for food. It was nice being out, but still a bit of a strange experience


Thursday I was back in the office. There was lots of chat about going out and the fact that the weather is killing any enjoyment. Everyone’s on countdown to June when hopefully the COVID shackles will be removed. It was also polling day so the school was closed as it’s used  as a polling station.


Freddie and I took it easy on Friday. I felt absolutely exhausted after the funeral and all the thoughts that come with that. I put my phone to one side and we did jigsaws, read books, played with playdoh and crawled around the floor as cats. Freddie loves to pretend he’s a cat, quite a lot or sometimes a puffy (puppy).

Saturday and Sunday

What the hell is wrong with the weather at the moment! We’re craving being outdoors, but the weather has been so rubbish. Hats off to all the people braving the weather to sit under umbrellas whilst fending off the wind and the rain. We stayed home as is the norm these days.

We did make homemade pizzas on Sunday for dinner which both kids enjoyed. Dinner times are not very pleasant at the moment. Isabelle complains about every single meal we give her and  Freddie just doesn’t like sitting at the table at all. Thankfully as they made the pizza’s themselves, Belle couldn’t complain as she’d made the food and Freddie was keen to get Daddy to eat his ‘Best pizza’.