Our Family Life 2021 (20/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (20/52)


I had a nice catch-up with a friend via facetime and managed to book a toddler group for Freddie to attend starting in June. I’ve been looking for somewhere to take him for a few weeks, but there seems to be a waiting list for everything. I also got the application form sorted for Freddie to start pre-school in September which is something that’s been hanging around on my to-do list for a while. He loves other children, so I know he’s going to love it. We walked home the long way as we quite often do if the weather is nice. This is Belle marking the Pooh for the dog who loves to run halfway across a field just to find the perfect pooh spot. It drives me mad when I have to go searching for it. Anyone else’s dog do this?


A working from home day for me and a very productive one at that. We also popped to  Tesco to pick up a new range of Kingsmill 50/50 no bit seedy bread as well as a multi-seed bread for an Instagram post. Might have also had a nose around the clothes section. When did clothes shopping at the supermarket become such a highlight! As per usual, we picked up a few bits for the kids and nothing for ourselves.


I did a big chunk of blogging work with the help of Freddie. Some days this is impossible, but today I managed to get a lot done in between building bricks, racing cars, and the 155 snacks that Freddie wants a day. This is my absolute favorite kind of day as I can tick things off my to-do list as well as spending time with my little side-kick which I love.


Another workday from the office and very welcome to get out of the house. I’m sure everybody is, but I’m really fed up with all this rain and not really doing very much. I don’t drive and it’s only recently that I’ve really wished that I could so that I could pack up the kids and go somewhere. Anywhere! Passing my driving test is very much at the top of my personal to-do list (just underneath buying a house). Driving instructors are back up and running now so I need to take the plunge and get this done. Plus I made a bet with my eldest that I would beat him to it so I need to win this bet!


Was a boring house day. Making and changing beds, cleaning the bathroom as well as more decluttering. I’m not surprised we don’t have enough room for stuff. We literally have so much stuff in the house that it’s ridiculous. Our charity shops aren’t really taking donations, but the clothes bank is now being regularly collected so I’ve been doing regular drop-offs for the clothes that we no longer need or want.


We went charity shop shopping. This is one of Isabelle’s absolute favourite things to do and she’s missed it so much with the shops being shut. Always at the top of her list is anything Barbie whether its clothes, accessories, or dolls. She really doesn’t need any more dolls, but she does break me every now and again. Charity shop purchases are always met with a tut and an eye roll from Chris as the kids don’t really need any more toys, but it’s something we like to do together. We bought a Bratz doll and a couple of books (my fave buy from charity shops) as well as some cars for Freddie. On the way back from the shops, I let Freddie loose to jump in puddles which made his day. He was absolutely soaked with speckles of mud on his face and wellies full of water!

It was also my business’s first birthday today so Chris and I had a glass of bubbles to celebrate.


It rained! We opted for a baking day. I picked up a cake-making kit that included Jelly Bubbles which you had to make using a Calcium solution, so it was baking as well as a little science experiment. The kids enjoyed this so much, but unfortunately, the cakes didn’t taste as nice as we expected. We had a delivery of homemade biscuits from Nanny who braved the rain, so this more than made up for it.

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