Our Family Life 2021 (21/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (21/52)


Today was just a catch up from the weekend on washing and cleaning/tidying etc. I was also gearing up for some social media training as this is something that really interests me in my Virtual Assistant capacity.


Just a usual work at home day for me today and then back to social media training this evening. I haven’t taken any photos at all over the last couple of days which is unusual for me. I also found a house, that I love. It’s not where we live currently, but on the outskirts BUT it ticks literally all the boxes AND it has a purpose built garden office. Tick tick tick tick! How practical would it be to buy a house when its not withing walking distance from school and I don’t drive? Ok so not practical at all, but his house has decent sized rooms, wouldn’t need a bathroom or kitchen upgrade for now and has a huge garden. And the office garden is just the cherry on the top. So we’re not quite ready to be making offers on houses, we need to have an appointment with a mortgage broker or bank but I’m an eager beaver.


Birthday preparation was top of the agenda today. Freddie turns three at the beginning of June and we’re having a picnic party at Dartmoor so lots of things to organise. I’ve had a lot of fun on Pinterest today looking for yummy picnic food that is tasty but doesn’t take ages to prepare or make. I’m thinking big french sticks with various fillings which we can make before we go and cut as and when we eat them. I’ve also been looking at the grazing platters which look amazing – maybe I could make in foil trays. Then there’s all the drinks, cutlery and extra snacky bits. Looks like the car is going to be loaded up.


An uneventful day at the office. I’m working within a new team who I didn’t know before and they’ve been so nice and making me feel welcome. They’ve even invited me out for an all you can drink Prosecco brunch. Unfortunately I can’t go but it sounds amazing!


As we’re looking for houses on the outskirts of Exeter, it’s time that I got my driving license. It’s not something that I’ve always wanted to do but it would make life a lot easier, especially as I spend every weekend in my own with the kids. So before I faltered I got online and sorted that. It should be here within a couple of weeks so I just need to find a driving instructor.


It’s a Luka weekend this weekend so the house is hectic with both boys running around getting every single toy out and playing with about two of them. It’s noisy and messy, but we love having him over.


A lovely garden and chill day today with a bit of houses stuff thrown in.