Our Family Life 2021 (22/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (22/52)


We still don’t really do much on a Monday. I do try and do a bit of work before Chris goes back to work, but we’re still waiting to get back into toddler groups and activities which is proving to be a bit of a nightmare. We’re starting a toddler group on the 7th June, but until then it’s still just me entertaining Freddie with games, messing around and make-up tutorials.


Another work at home day for me. Do you prefer to work in silence or with a bit of background noise? I’ve started listening to podcasts so these are my go to at the moment. My favourite are business ones but as well as my naughty one which is Shagged, Married, Annoyed with Chris and Rosie Ramsey. Only listen if you don’t have the kids around as the contents is very child unfriendly. It’s hilarious though!


So it looks as though the weather for Freddie’s birthday is going to be crap so we’re going to have to scrap the picnic party and have a rethink. Do we invite people around in shifts, and then kick them out when their time slots done so that we’re following the COVID guidelines. If the weathers crap then we can’t sit in the garden. Oh crappity crap, I’m fed up of all these rules. We need a back up plan. Maybe we’ll go out for the actual day and then do the family shifts on Sunday. Ok, I need to book something. Maybe the zoo.

Sorry that was just literally a brain dump.


Today is a work day, but I’m on a project management training course via zoom. I’m not a massive fan of zoom and this is going to be a 9 – 5 jobby. I thought it was an in-house course but it was an outside company so it was a really unlicensed mix of people from the local police, NHS staff like me and charity based workers.

Although I felt quite drained by 5 o’clock, it was really good and gave me a lot to think about.


We had to nip out for a few bits and bobs so Freddie and I did a bit of shopping and then walked slowly home along the river. We’re still in limbo with the pram. I don’t thing we’re quite ready to ditch the pram but he doesn’t really want to sit in it either. It’s kind of like a glorified bag and shopping hanger and I’m itching for it to be gone.

Isabelle is staying at her friends for a sleepover tonight. I wasn’t sure at first but then they spend all day at school together so we let her go. She was so excited. She came down with an enormous sports bag which I had to unpack and repack taking out all the extra fidget toys, make-up and severely changes of clothes!


As Isabelle was on her sleepover Freddie and I had a quiet day playing in the garden and doing bits and bobs around the house. We did nip out to walk the dog. Freddie wears a backpack with a child lead which is a total godsend. He’s always obsessed with wanting to jump in the river – I do wonder if he would actually do it but I’m not willing to take the risk. We’re still keeping an eye on the weather app for updates to next week for Freddie’s birthday, but it’s still saying a 70% chance of rain starting on Wednesday and lasting through the weekend. Chris is adamant that the picnic can’t go ahead whereas I’m clinging on to the hope that we can still pull it off.


We had a chill day as next week is school holidays and we’ve got lots planned which will be fun.