Our Family Life 2021 (23/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (23/52)


It’s the first day of the holidays and Freddie’s birthday week. Daddy has to work today so we had to entertain ourselves. Of all the places to be going, we off to B&M and Matalan. Belle wants to pick a present for Freddie from B&M and get some new clothes from Matalan. This wasn’t as bad as I expected – Belle usually turns into a total diva when it comes to clothes shopping. I even managed to get myself a couple of tops. As well as picking some stuff up for Freddie. Freddie spotted a shopping trolly – the shopping trolly came with us. I’ve got no more to say on that matter!!

We grabbed some McDonald’s on the way out as it’s in the same shopping bit and sat in some nearby gardens to eat it. They have a wisteria tunnel in the gardens which the kids enjoyed running through. All in all it was a very pleasant experience.


We booked to go to Crealy. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we had a great day. The kids took it in turns to pick what they wanted to go on. We went on a pirate ship that went up and down making your stomach flip over, we went in several of the play areas and loads of other rides. The ride that belle was most looking forward to was the log flume. It was also the ride we waited the longest for (45 minutes). We’ve been on it before without any problems.

However, this time, Isabelle screamed blue murder right from the get go. She screamed for it to stop, for someone to help her, she pleaded and screamed the whole time. I couldn’t stop laughing, even more so when we got off and saw the photograph that they take. She’s not going to live this down for a very long time and even she found it funny afterwards. We even got included in Crealy’s socials which was quite funny.


Daddy was working so we had a quiet day at home in the garden. Belle had a video call with her friend which she enjoyed. It’s becoming increasingly hard to entertain both a 10 year old and a 3 year old. It seems to be one or the other and not much in between.


We headed to Plymouth to visit Chris sister and our baby niece. We’ve only seen her from the door step a couple of times. We also got to see the house that they moved into during lockdown and have already lived there a year. they have chickens in their garden which fascinated Freddie. Belles not to keen on any type of bird so mostly hid and screeched.


Beach day! At the top of Isabelles post lockdown list was to go to the beach to have ice cream, hot doughnuts and go into the arcade.

So that’s what we did. We knew the beach was going to be busy as it has been since the weather has improved but we found a nice spot on the beach. It was lovely sat on the sand, but next to the water and in the water was freezing. However, this didn’t put the kids of. Belle had her friend with her so she was happy running in and out of the water. Freddie loves water but I think even he found it a bit cold towards the end. He had goosebumps to prove it.

The arcade was an experience we won’t be rushing back to do. It was really busy and noisy (pretty normal I suppose). The difference being was that Chris and I had to wear masks. I don’t know about you, but mask wearing inside is unbearable in this heat. That first gasp of post-mask air is bliss!


It’s Freddie’s third birthday!

He was so excited when he saw the presents that Father Christmas had left him! His style of present unwrapping isn’t the same as the older two. He likes to unwrap and then play with that thing, leaving everything else until he’s ready. You’d think that the opposite of manic unwrapping would be quite good but it means it could go on for some time!

We were off to Woodlands for the day. Ryan, his fiancée and Luka met us there. The weather was lovely aside from a couple of short bursts of drizzle. There was loads to do for all of us including soft play, slides, play equipment, zip lines and water rides. One of the rides had a problem which was a bit disappointing but it didn’t dampen our day. That was the water flume ride where we actually got drenched. It’s so unfortunate where the water hits, but at least we weren’t the only ones walking around like we’d peed ourselves.

It was a great day out and everyone was knackered by the end of it. We then headed back home for birthday cake and a well deserved takeaway.


Well after this week we’re well and truly knackered, but we’ve got family coming round so we’ve had a quick tag team dash around the house cleaning and tidying.

I don’t know how anyone else is doing this, but it felt a bit like a conveyor belt tying to make sure that we could fit everyone in whilst sticking to the COVID rules. It turned out alright in the end and everyone that wanted to come ‘, came and saw the birthday boy.

As always he was well and truly spoilt, and we have the Tetris like job of making sure all the new stuff fits in.

Whilst we’ve had a really good week, I’m looking forward to tomorrow where we can potter around the house, catch up on the washing and all the usual housey stuff that has to be done.

Freddie also starts a new toddler group tomorrow which will be so nice for him. I can’t wait for him to make some little friends his own age.