Our Family Life 2021 (23/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (23/52)


It’s the first day of the holidays and Freddie’s birthday week. Daddy has to work today so we had to entertain ourselves. Of all the places to be going, we off to B&M and Matalan. Belle wants to pick a present for Freddie from B&M and get some new clothes from Matalan. This wasn’t as bad as I expected – Belle usually turns into a total diva when it comes to clothes shopping. I even managed to get myself a couple of tops. As well as picking some stuff up for Freddie. Freddie spotted a shopping trolly – the shopping trolly came with us. I’ve got no more to say on that matter!!

We grabbed some McDonald’s on the way out as it’s in the same shopping bit and sat in some nearby gardens to eat it. They have a wisteria tunnel in the gardens which the kids enjoyed running through. All in all it was a very pleasant experience.


We booked to go to Crealy. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we had a great day. The kids took it in turns to pick what they wanted to go on. We went on a pirate ship that went up and down making your stomach flip over, we went in several of the play areas and loads of other rides. The ride that belle was most looking forward to was the log flume. It was also the ride we waited the longest for (45 minutes). We’ve been on it before without any problems.

However, this time, Isabelle screamed blue murder right from the get-go. She screamed for it to stop, for someone to help her, she pleaded and screamed the whole time. I couldn’t stop laughing, even more so when we got off and saw the photograph that they took. She’s not going to live this down for a very long time and even she found it funny afterwards. We even got included in Crealy’s socials which was quite funny.


We had a day at home getting all sorted for Freddies birthday on Saturday. The kids we’re both happy with this as we’ve had a busy few days. 


We went down to Plymouth for the day today to visit our niece who we’ve only seen a couple of times since she was born thanks to the pandemic. Freddie enjoyed playing with her toys and Belle’s silly dances had her laughing and smiling. 


We went to our local beach. We weren’t sure what to expect, but it was clear when we got there that it was jammed with little if any social distancing going on. We walked further along the beach until we found a spot that wasn’t super busy. We forgot how a day at the beach is not relaxing as a parent. Freddie was up and down to the water which meant that we had to take it in turns to chase after him. He found a little girl to play with and sat digging holes and filling them with water. We then did what we haven’t done for a long while. We did have a little go in the arcade but it was short lived as we had to wear masks which made it completely unenjoyable. We got chips followed by hot doughnuts. It’s practically the rules of beach going as far as we’re concerned. 


It’s Freddie’s 3rd Birthday. We had hoped to have a family picnic, but the forecast for the weather was pretty rubbish so we decided to plan a day out instead to Woodlands theme park. It was such a good day and the kids had a really good time. We went on rides, played in the park areas dotted around as well as going in the soft play which felt safe enough. I think that everyone appreciates a day out much more than we did pre-pandemic. Freddie had the best birthday followed by cake on our return. 


Family visits in shifts! It feels ridiculous, but it’s the only way that we can do it at the moment. Fingers crossed that next year we’ll be all back to normal. 

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