Our Family Life 2021 (2/52)

Our Family Life 2021 (2/52)

4th – Belle went back to school today. We received an email from the school over the weekend saying that the Teachers Union had advised teachers to stand down, so it was a watch and wait situation to see if things would change. There was to be yet another announcement from the Prime Minister. At the moment primary school outside of Tier 4 areas have reopened but high schools remain closed until mid January.

Lockdown 3!

As expected, Boris made his announcement (on time this time) and all schools have been shut until February half term (at least) except for children of keyworkers and vulnerable children. We’ve entered another national lockdown (Lockdown 3).

As a keyworker, Isabelle could continue to go to school, but it just doesn’t feel safe for us and as we have no issues with childcare we feel better having her home with us.

Back to homeschooling!

Back to daily walks!

Essential shopping only!

The message is to Stay at Home – Stay Safe – Protect our NHS.

We waited until Tuesday to break the news to Isabelle, and she was very upset. She was upset as she’d just got a new teacher. She was upset that she only got to spend one day back with her friends.

Homeworking and Homeschooling

I’ve now been given a laptop to work from home which I feel much better about. However, it does mean that the kids and I are going to be together pretty much 24/7 which is a bit daunting.

One day at a time is all we can do.

Our first day was total and utter shit. Isabelle was the most reluctant student ever. The work took forever! There were three tasks to do – English, Maths and Science. By 7pm we literally gave up as I had to get Freddie to bed.

Well today was even more fun!

Think I’ll retrain as a teacher.

NOT! With friggin bells on!

We had to complete what we didn’t get done yesterday and still didn’t manage to finish school until 4.45pm.

This on top of me fitting in a full days work is an absolute joke. No silver lining here – Utter Utter Shit!!

I wasn’t hopeful when I woke up on Friday morning, but we ploughed through the work and she even scored herself two Dojo’s (merit points). So this afternoon Belle was allowed to do what she wanted so she opted for some tablet time in her room.

Saturday and Sunday were chilled days as we needed a break from the school work and get out in the fresh air so we took ourselves off for a dog walk. Freddie loves being outside and extra points if he can splash in puddles and squish in mud.

He was able to do both and it was great to get outside. The rest of Sunday we watched films and then topped off the weekend with a much needed takeaway.