Our Family Life 2021 (26/52)

Our Family Life 2021


So far so good. We’re all better and back at school and work. Freddie and I have been to toddler group this morning. He actually sat down today for a few minutes during singing and storytime which he hasn’t done before.

It’s a rainy day today so he was allowed to jump in all the puddles on the way home which is one of his favourite things to do.

Toddler wearing a puddle suit jumping in puddles


Was a work-at-home day for me, and typically the sun has come out. Freddie doesn’t sleep that great normal times, but since being poorly his sleep has been rubbish so I’m knackered and running on empty.

I’ve woken up this morning with really awful backache which isn’t much fun, but at least I don’t have to spend the day running around after Freddie.

I binge listened to a new podcast called Influencer Insights with Abi Hugo which is really good. She knows literally everything there is to know about Instagram and well worth a listen.

Mango chicken with bulgar wheat and roasted carrots on a plate


We got another Hello Fresh delivery today which I find really exciting. Having these deliveries has made a huge difference to the way we shop. I order three meals and then the rest of the meals for that week are really simple like jacket potatoes and pasta. If you find that you’re running out of meal ideas I would definitely recommend that you give Hello Fresh a go. I’ve written a post on what I think which I’ve just got to add the finishing touches to.

Other than that, Freddie and I just pottered around the house doing a bit of house stuff and playing.


I made it into the office today. I don’t think I’ve physically been in for about a month.

We also had a relatively good night’s sleep which always makes the world of difference.

Toddler boy playing with foam soap in the bath

The day ended with Freddie having a bath with the spray soap stuff which he loves. As you can see he made a lot of mess, but it was a great distraction for hair wash time.


I had a little bit of work that I had to get finished today and then we were out in the garden playing for the rest of the afternoon before school pick-up. Belle likes to FaceTime her friend, the same friend she’s been at school with all day so she did that after school whilst Freddie and I made dinner and attempted to read some books.


It was such a lovely day that we went for a walk down to the quay for an ice cream and cake. There’s a place that do the yummiest yoghurt topped flapjack which I always get if we go there.

The kids went in the park whilst I stayed just outside the fence with the dog which he wasn’t happy about. Usually, he cries if his humans go out of sight but he was fine sitting in the sun for half an hour whilst they burnt off some energy.

Coffee and yoghurt topped flapjack by Exeter Quay

Down by the quay in Exeter, there are loads of swans and geese that nest there. Not just a few, there’s loads. They’re quite scary to walk through, especially with the dog.

The geese came about a few years ago when a lone goose was found there, and I think the RSPCA introduced another goose for it to befriend.

Toddler boy and ten year old girl sat on a bench at Exeter Quay


I’m so glad that we got out yesterday as it’s bucketing down with rain so we got out the Playdoh and played games all day.

Playdoh worm with a bottom

Freddie loves to make sausages and worms with Playdoh so that he can chop them up with his knife (plastic obvs) but this morning he asked me to make him some long worms and then he added on bums so that they could do Poo’s which both kids found hilarious!

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14 thoughts to “Our Family Life 2021 (26/52)”

  1. Jumping in puddles is a lot of fun. hehehe
    I hope your backache has eased off a little.
    I love the sound of the Hello Fresh meals.
    hahaha! The playdoh worm did make me chuckle. x

  2. I prefer working from home, but I think going to the office once in a while can be very good too. Of course, others might disagree with me. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

  3. Ooh that flapjack looks good (although I’d prefer chocolate on top). Lovely photo of them together.

  4. We used to get Hello Fresh deliveries and they were great for new meal ideas although the kids weren’t always keen. We still use some of the recipes although we don’t get the boxes any more. Looks like you had a lovely time down at the quay and the bums on the worms made me giggle.

  5. It’s vegan as well so I’m not entirely sure what the toppings made from but it’s gorgeous. It’s hard to get pictures with both of them looking and with eyes open ?

  6. The worm will definitely be a pic we bring out when he’s older! We’ve had three deliveries of HelloFresh so far and there have only been a couple of meals that we wouldn’t bother with again. I think it’s definitely a novelty for us at the moment 🙂

  7. I miss the jumping in puddles days. Looks like you had a good week. Exeter is somewhere I’d love to visit as I have family history research to do there at some point #365

  8. Loving the worm with a bottom – the imagination of kids always makes me smile. Lets hope the weather cheers up soon, it would be nice to see some sun

  9. You should definitely make a trip to Exeter, there’s loads to do and lots of beaches local as well 🙂

  10. Ha ha, the worm is going to stay with us forever (we’ll probably drag out the pictures when he’s a teenager)!

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