Our Family Life 2021 (27/52)

Our Family Life 2021


I don’t believe this! The kids are both poorly again. Coughing and sneezing and Belles got a high temperature. No school and no toddler group. Belle has taken herself back up to bed so I know she must be feeling poorly.

I did let them raid Daddy’s Fathers Day stash in the afternoon to cheer them up a bit.


Was a work day for me and a nice break from wiping noses. This morning I actually slipped after steeping in the remainders of Freddie’s sneeze. I literally went flying like I’d stood on a banana skin!


Sod’s law that I’m now feeling absolutely awful. I’m starting to miss lockdown when the kids were germ free. I’ve had a negative lateral flow test but have requested to work from home tomorrow so that I won’t need to wear a mask all day.

Freddie also found this red spider in the garden which we took a picture of so we could enlarge it to look at its features. He loves looking for bugs so this was exciting!


A work from home day and a nice break from the kids. Belles gone back to school now as she’s feeling better. I feel worse but at least I can just work and not have to look after a toddler who asks about 5023 questions a day.


The weathers lovely and Freddie is in a great mood. I feel relatively better but still have a horrible tickle in my throat. We decided to get out in the sunshine today so we took the dog and the bike on a lovely walk before picking Belle up from school.

Freddies sleep is pretty poor at the moment so it’s time to take action. I’m still breastfeeding him at night so we need to stop this and get him in his own bed. I know it’s going to be a massive struggle and will impact my sleeping even further, but it’s time now.

We’ve been advised to do it gradually, first of all by introducing a teddy or comforter during feeds so that we can essentially replace my boob with whatever we choose.

It worked! He picked his sheepy which he held onto whilst feeding and then I took him off as he became sleepy. He moved away and went to sleep.


It poured down so all plans for the park were scrapped. A home day for us with not a lot to report.


My nieces and Nephews came over to play with Belle and Freddie. The older two are belles age and the younger two are Freddie’s age which works well.

The downstairs resembled a trashed toy shop but the kids had a lovely time, and everyone was worn out come bedtime so it was a good day all round.

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  1. It’s hard to be ill when you have kids. Gone are the days that I can hide away in bed and rest!

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