Pregnancy Diary Week 18

Pregnancy Diary Week 18

Pregnancy Diary Week 18 – week commencing 31st December. Social media is awash with all the cool things that people are getting up to this New Years Eve and I just know that I will struggle to stay awake.

Pregnancy Diary Week 18

I’m not even going to try and force myself to stay awake until midnight. I wake up at around 4am every single day which is a total pain but it also makes the days really long. You may think that this is due to being uncomfortable but I haven’t quite got to that stage yet, I just wake up at this time every day and have done for a while.

We went shopping for some nice food and let Isabelle pick some fizzy drinks. We played some board games and watched Ratburger which was quite good. By 8pm I was already yawning my head off and it can’t have been much after that that I gave in and fell asleep.

When I woke up I took myself off to bed and we put Isabelle to bed as well. A bit boring but sometimes you just have to go with what your body craves.

New Years Day I wanted to go to the beach with the dog but as usual, at the moment it was pouring down with rain. We’re so bored of all this rain at the moment.

Tuesday was back to work for Daddy whilst we had our final day off together before Isabelle and I are back to school and work on Wednesday. We also remembered that Isabelle’s school shoes strap broke just before Christmas so a quick shoe shop followed by a trip to the newly opened Brick & Mix Lego shop where you can stay and play

Isabelle has just started to get into the proper small piece Lego and got some sets for both her birthday and Christmas.

To finish off our last day together we had a chilled afternoon with a bit of kids you tube watching and snuggling in front of the TV.


My eating has improved over Christmas. The whole buffet style diet with lots of cheeses, crackers and pickles is going down well. Why don’t we eat like this all the time.

I actually ate chicken curry and rice last night.

I can feel the baby moving around loads now. I’m just waiting for the moment when you can feel it from the outside so that Isabelle can feel her baby brother or sister.

Isabelle is getting really impatient with the whole waiting game. I’ve got the bounty app on my phone and currently (Tuesday) I have 152 days to go. Is that a couple of weeks? Will it be here it time for Easter? We’ve gone over it more than 152 times but still she asks!

She also wants to know when we’ll know if it’s a boy or a girl. I’ve explained that you can find out but we want to keep it as a surprise. She thinks this is totally rubbish but we like the not knowing.


I’ve got the dreaded cramp back in my feet which is awful. My toes trust over each other and I can’t seem to stamp it out quick enough. A colleague once told me that you should put a potato at the bottom of your bed. Now at the time (last pregnancy) I was willing to try anything, but she hadn’t specified what kind of potato so I went with a jacket potato. Who knows if it helped to lessen the cramp in my feet but it was funny when Chris came to bed late one night and the potato fell on the floor. Not an everyday occurrence.

The baby is actually quite active but it’s only been today (Saturday) and yesterday that you can feel it with you hand on my belly. Nobody has yet felt this apart from me as these ones are few and far between.

I’m really looking forward to the 20 week scan and seeing the baby again. I wish that Isabelle. Luke come with us as she so wants to be involved and is getting quite impatient. I may ring the hospital to see if this is possible and then beg the school to allow her the time off!


The baby is the size of an onion now (ewww), measuring around 14.2cm and weighing about 190g.

The babys nerves will now be forming a protective covering of myelin which is vital for the nervous system to develop and function properly after birth.

The baby will now be doing a lot of kicking, rolling and moving around. Now that they have developed their grip they may be holding onto and pulling the umbilical cord (makes me cringe a bit).

If the baby is a girl, she will already be developing eggs in her ovaries – amazing

Bring on week 19!

Lisa x

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