Pregnancy Diary Week 21

Pregnancy Diary Week 21

Pregnancy Diary Week 21 – I’m slowly getting a bit more adventurous with my eating. We had tacos last night with garlic and onion in it. I really enjoyed it even though I started to waver when the garlic and onion smell wafted through the house.

Pregnancy Diary Week 21

My Eating has improved…….

As well as the taco’s I’ve eaten a salad with feta cheese and salad dressing.

Raisin and cinnamon bagels are way up there on my current faves – toasted with loads of butter. Yum!

Food smells aren’t so stomach churning anymore, but I still don’t have a huge repetoire to choose from.

Chicken is probably my most hated food at the moment. Yuk.

Maternity Leave

I had my meeting at work this week to discuss maternity leave and how much time I intend to take off. At this stage I’ve gone for a year and fingers crossed that our finances allows this.

I had decided to make my last day the 24th May which would give me a week before my due date to chill a little bit. However, looking at the dates, it’s bank holiday Monday on the 28th May and Isabelle will be off school for the entire week leading up to my due date. Bit of a bummer!

I don’t mind so much that she will be off school but she’s going to want entertaining for the week AND I’ll be on my own with her if I go into labour that week. Yikes!

Anyway, as I didn’t have my Mat B1 form the official planning and acceptance of this has to wait until next week.

Maternity Wear

I’m sporting my one and only piece of maternity wear today which is a pair of over the bump leggings from H&M. I’ve been pretty disappointed with the choice of maternity wear that I’ve managed to root out on the High Street so I might have to have a look online.

Failing that I will just continue to wear tunic style dresses with leggings or tights with cardigans.

Just to report back on the leggings which were a total bargain at ยฃ8.99 a pair. These are so so comfy and are now going to be a staple feature in my wardrobe.

Back Ache

As well as leg and foot cramps at night I’ve started to get lower back ache which is making walking a bit of a problem.

We went to the beach today as a birthday treat for our dog, Charlie who turned four and it really took it out of me even though we didn’t walk particularly far.

Fingers crossed that I’ve just overdone it a bit and it will pass.


The baby will be about the size of a pepper, measuring around 27cm long and weighing about 360g.

The eyelids and eyebrows are formed and it’s possible for them to blink. Amazingly the baby will have taste buds and can taste a variety of different flavours dependent on what I’m eating (hope it likes cheese).

The skin will have a coating of white, waxy substance known as Vernix Caseosa. This protects their body from the effects of bobbing around in the amniotic fluid for so long.

The baby will be urinating, which they will then drink. Pee, drink, pee, repeat. The baby’s first poo is currently in the making which they will poop out once the baby is born.

This pregnancy is flying by and my belly is growing now at an amazing pace.

Until next week.

Lisa x




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  1. I found eating during both pregnancies very hard too. I completely understand the whole onion and garlic smell thing… I couldn’t even have them in the house second time. I never found any nice maternity clothes on the high street. I used to get them from ASOS because they aren’t too expensive and they stock a few different maternity brands. x

  2. Eek that’s going to be tough with the little being off school in the week up to your due date. Hopefully it will all work out ok at least the weather will be better then hopefully which means hopefully pottering outside in the garden will be a possibility?

  3. Like you I was surprised of the rubbish choice of maternity clothes on the high street. Check your local charity shops. You could find bargains in perfect conditions as people wear clothes for a short time before giving them away.

  4. Oh wow, lovely to read your update as it brings back memories for me. It was around 21 weeks I felt my son move for the first time. Magical x

  5. Hope your pregnancy is going well, I have started having back ache this week too and I’m 21 weeks also maybe it’s something about this week. I’m glad you’re feeling less sick #bumpsandbabies

  6. I remember working out my maternity leave first time round, and how to maximise it. My second baby I had in Germany, where you are put on mandatory leave (at full pay) six weeks before your due date. It was such a luxury!

  7. Iโ€™ve got some good maternity leggings and am mostly living in them with tunic style dresses/tops x

  8. True. Iโ€™m going to a pre-loved maternity sale in a couple of weeks so hoping to get some bargains x

  9. Smells are definitely the pits. Being at work is quite hard come lunch time when people have brought in various things. Yuk!

  10. I know talk about timing. Sheโ€™s not one for sitting or playing by herself either. Maybe I should fake contractions, get admitted to hospital and camp out there! Lol

  11. I love that you’re documenting you’re journey and that we too are able to see the trials and tribulations you’re having to face during this time! Especially for me someone hasn’t gotten to that stage yet – I am able to prepare myself beforehand by learning from you!

  12. It’s so funny the foods you like and don’t like during pregnancy. Ahh that’s going to be such a hectic week having maternity leave at the same time as the bank holiday half term. Fingers crossed you don’t go into labour then. It’s going so quickly now though. x

  13. Urgh Iโ€™m trying not to think about it we havenโ€™t even worked out what weโ€™re going to do with Isabelle when I go into labour!

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