Pregnancy Diary Week 22

Pregnancy Diary Week 22

Pregnancy Diary Week 22 – this week hasn’t got off to a particularly good start as lower back ache kicked in over the weekend and has stuck with me. It has also progressed to neck and shoulder pain which is a pain!

Pregnancy Diary Week 22

I’ve been doing a bit of research and think I might give pregnancy yoga a go, but will also see if I can get some physio through my midwife.

I’m quite anxious about this as I used to suffer with chronic neck pain and had to load up on painkillers for the best part of 10 years. Weirdly being pregnant with Isabelle seemed to ease this and following that it only became an intermittent problem that was manageable.

Other than that the pregnancy is plodding along nicely. Actually not plodding along, it’s going really fast so let’s say whooshing along.

My bump is out and I look like a bona fida pregnant lady now. The comments have already started on my bump size:

It’s big!

It’s little!

It’s neat!

You’re carrying high!

You sure there’s just one in there!

ITS MINE! My bump size is based on MY body size. I’m carrying exactly the same as I have with both my previous pregnancies. The baby is healthy as am I.


It’s definitely a kicker like the other two. I was crouched down with Isabelle the other day and I thought she’d knee’d me in the tummy but it was a really strong kick. You can see some movement now when the baby kicks.

Maternity Leave

I still haven’t got my Mat B1 form for work. I’ve only got just under three weeks left to do this. My midwife is currently off sick and having spoken to the temporary midwife it seems that she can’t sign it because she hasn’t met me to confirm my pregnancy. It’s on my notes as well as the records at the doctors, but apparently she has to have eyeballed me before she can sign the form.

That’s fine I’ll make an appointment OH but there aren’t any!

Drama! I’ve hit a brick wall with this so have left it with the surgery to see what they can do for me.

I’m booked in for my whooping cough injection on Monday and hopefully they might have come up with a solution. I plan to be off for a year but I’m not sure this is possible at the moment. I’ve written a recent post on Maternity Financial Planning if you’re also on the pregnancy journey.

Buying for Baby

I bought my first item of clothing this week. Not sure why I’m so hesitant but I found this cute little jumper in H&M and couldn’t resist. I would pair this with some of the little cute leggings for babies but not sure what colour. Navy or mint. Maybe the same colour as the jumper. Isabelle is convinced that I know it’s a boy as it’s a boys jumper so was a bit miffed.

Pregnancy Diary Week 22

I do have a list of things that we’ll need to get but I don’t see any reason to buy it just yet since we have no space until we have a bit of a declutter.

There are two particular, actually three things that I think are at the top of my baby wish list. I want:

Pregnancy Diary Week 22

A nice pram – There are so many nice ones to choose from so haven’t narrowed it down as yet but am really loving the Silvercross range, especially the Silvercross Wave.

Pregnancy Diary Week 22

A beside the bed crib – I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it is likely this baby will end up in our bed. I try and be optimistic but it’s not so bad being snuggled up with your newborn so that you at least get some semblance of sleep so I love the idea of the beside the bed crib which will allow the baby to be with us but in it’s own safe space. I love this grey Knuma Huddle and also the Snuzpod.

Pregnancy Diary Week 22

Sleepyhead – As I’ve already said previously my daughter was an awful sleeper and I’ve heard so many good things about theย  Sleepyhead Pods so I would really like one – THIS ONE!


The baby is about the size of a sweet potato weighing around 430g and measuring about 27.8cm (not far off the size of a ruler).

The baby’s gums are already developing tooth buds ready for their little gnashers to come through (yey).

The eyes have formed but don’t yet have any colour. All of the other organs are developing and growing and will continue to do so.

They may have already started to develop their own little routine. Based on this, my belly is most active first thing in the morning, after eating and also when I get into bed. You can already see my belly moving around and it’s definitely having a party in there.

Roll on week 23!

Lisa x

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  1. It must be exciting that your bump is now visible! You’re right though – your bump is suited to your own body and as long as you and baby are healthy that’s all that matters! I love that jumper you bought – it looks so cute!

  2. Your wishlist is almost identical to mine. I got the stroller and car seat etc sorted and working on the Snuzpod and Sleepyhead all baby essentials and so chic. Thank you so much for linking up to Bumps and Babies. Love the part of everyone’s bump comments if I get one more telling me I am huge or fat or having twins I will hit them because in reality I am not that big maybe in videos and photos but in real life it’s a neat bump it’s healthy it’s mine. I love that haahah I feel you girl. #bumpsbabies

  3. I wasn’t aware that you had to fill out a form in order to get maternity leave. Of course when I had my two kids I was working jobs that don’t require much but my last pregnancy was 11 years ago. A lot has changed since then. I do hope you get that form though. That will be one less stressor for you to have to deal with it. I wish you the best:)

  4. I hope the back ache doesn’t get any worse and best of health to you and baby! I hope you get baby equipment sorted without too much hassle.

  5. Sounds like youโ€™re getting along nicely. I hope Isabelle isnโ€™t too unhappy if baby does turn out to be a brother!

  6. Iโ€™m tolerating the bump comments at the moment. Fast forward maybe 10 weeks time and they better watch out ?

  7. We used a bedside crib with our second and it worked brilliantly! I also found my neck condition got a lot better after my first pregnancy – All those hormones flooding the body for a long period of time is a bit like taking a long course of anti inflammatories and gives the body time to heal without the aggravation of the condition. Saying that pregnancy let me with a worse condition in my pelvis so itโ€™s not exactly a win win! I hope your midwife sorts out the MATB1 for you xx

  8. Totally sold on the bedside crib now, just have to pick one out. I’m pleased to say that I finally have my MAT B1 form so all good x

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