Relactation – An Update

Relactation – An Update

Relactation an update – It’s around six weeks now since we restarted breastfeeding and I was hoping that it was going to be positive news but we haven’t got any further forward than we were when we started.

Confession time

I started off pumping and feeding with formula as well and it was going well. I felt like my breasts could cope with breastfeeding three times a day as well as pumping and I was looking forward to the breast pain/discomfort to stop at some point.

I should confess that the pumping became very intermittent and there were times when I missed it out completely. This was because Freddie only wants to sleep in my arms during the day which rules out pumping during those times. He also breastfeeds for around 40 minutes at a time and then topping him up with formula takes another 20 minutes. I know babies are time consuming but fitting this in around getting dressed, eating, having a wee, the school run etc etc has really been taking its toll.

I’m not going to lie, this is hard. I feel slightly trapped at home with very little support. Leaving the house is getting harder not easier since the time between feeds is so small it doesn’t really give me time to do very much. It feels like all I do is feed Freddie.

I had my arranged phone consultation with the Lactation Consultant on Wednesday last week and explained everything from the time it takes to feed and also the lack of milk produced when pumping. I’ve also been getting sharp pains through the whole breast during and after feeding/pumping which is also a factor in reducing the pumping so that I feel recovered enough to feed him the next time.

I was asked to make an appointment with my GP to be tested for thrush of the breast and also to get a prescription for Domperidone which is used to increase your milk supply.

I don’t like to take tablets but Freddie wants Breastmilk and is refusing formula more and more. I was told to print off the information for both the treatment of thrush and also the guidelines for Domperidone for the GP who aren’t always prescribing the correct dosage.

Ideal situation

In an ideal world I would either be exclusively breastfeeding or at least feeding and pumping enough to replace the formula. I think there is also an element of him using me as a comforter rather than just hunger which we need to knock on the head.

GP Appointment

I managed to get an appointment at the doctors on Friday, taking along the info. The GP which wasn’t my usual GP dismissed oral thrush in Freddie with barely a glance in his mouth so was reluctant to treat either of us but I insisted that a swab and sample was taken on the advice of the Lactation Consultant.

I asked regarding the Domperidone and she initially said she would give me a few days worth to take a couple of times a day. The Breastfeeding Network advice is to take 10mg three times a day for seven days, and then a reduced dose under the management of a trained Breastfeeding Advisor.

I felt a bit like ‘teaching your Granny to suck eggs’ when I offered the information I’d been given, but the GP was happy for the information as she said she would have needed to look this up and so I was given a prescription to be managed by the Lactation Consultant which I felt happy with.

Domperidone is given to mums who have a low supply or for Mums if baby’s who are born prematurely to initiate and keep the supply so they can express.

It’s Monday so this is Day 4 of taking the tablets and I have noticed a slight increase in supply. My let down is quite fierce, Freddie struggles a little bit as the milk flows so fast. If he comes off he literally gets sprayed in the face!

I’m pumping and feeding but still not the recommended times a day as I’m still sore. I’m hoping that thrush is found which would give a good explanation for the pain and would hopefully stop after treatment.

Onwards and upwards as they say!

If you’re breastfeeding and experiencing the same problems I’d love to hear your experiences or tips you may have. I need to get this baby into some kind of routine that suits all of us.

Lisa x

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  1. Awww sorry you are having such a tough time breastfeeding. I found it really hard too, Twitter kept me sane and there were so many lovely people ready to help when I needed it. I really hope it gets better for you x

  2. it sounds like you’re having a rough time with it all at the moment – I hope the medication helps and breastfeeding gets easier for you and less painful. it’s good to hear the GP took on board what you said too.
    good luck for next week.
    love Becinmonton

  3. I’m sorry you are having a difficult time Lisa. It sounds like you are doing everything you possibly can and I hope it gets easier soon. X

  4. The whole feeding process in the early days is SO difficult and, unless you have time to sit on your sofa all day without any other responsibilities, it’s almost impossible. You’re doing an amazing job and well done for insisting on swab tests and doing your research on the medication.

  5. Thanks. It does feel like the only thing I do all day long at the moment I just keep reminding myself that it’s not going to be forever and I do love the closeness of breastfeeding x

  6. Oh I think I might go insane if I don’t have my phone to chat/tweet and google everything!

  7. the best advice I was ever given when breastfeeding was don’t give up on a bad day, there are ups and downs but when there are more downs than ups maybe its time to make a different path. be kind to yourself, you’ve done an amazing job and should be proud of yourself.

  8. Thank you. The days are fairly up and down so I’m trying not too commit myself to very much – there’s always tomorrow x

  9. Oh this is so interesting! I tried to do this with my daughter but it didnt work out for me. Sounds like you’ve had a rough ride with it. xx

  10. Sorry things aren’t going easy hun, i had a bit of a rough time too feeding my 2 little ones. It sounds like you are trying everything you possibly can so be kind to yourself xx

  11. I realise I’m late to this post so don’t know where you are now with breastfeeding, but could the discomfort when pumping be down to the wrong size of flange? It’s something that was mentioned in my peer supporter training and popped into my head when I read your post. Another woman on the course had pumped exclusively and discovered that you can get different sized flanges to improve the fit to your breast. If you’re still having problems it might be worth looking into. I hope things are better for you now though.

  12. Things have improved loads. I’m not pumping as much as I was since he’s feeding more now. Thanks for the tip though x

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