My Breastfeeding Essentials

My Breastfeeding Essentials

My Breastfeeding Essentials – breastfeeding your baby is supposed to be a natural process. It wasn’t for me and many other women so I’ve put together a list of the things that can make your breastfeeding journey easier on both yourself and your baby.

My Breastfeeding Essentials

Lanolin Cream

This has to be my number one must have when breastfeeding. It’s a cream that forms a protective barrier for your nipples to help prevent and aid cracked and sore nipples. I personally started using this right from the get go as a preventative measure so would recommend that you pop a tube into your hospital bag. You only need a very small amount but it definitely makes a difference.

Get Online

You don’t have to do anything blindly these days. Look for pregnant and new mums in the online space. You’ll find an expanse of advice with everything from getting your latch right to tips for the best feeding positions.

Breastfeeding pillow

You have to get as comfortable as you can when you breastfeed so a pillow can help with both your comfort and the baby’s position.

Muslin cloths

Great for mopping up baby sick and popping on your shoulder when winding, but also great for leaky boob moments. These are also great for giving you a bit of coverage when feeding out and about.


Breastfeeding definitely gives you the munchies so it’s good to have some snacks within reach.


You definitely feel the thirst when breastfeeding so it’s a good idea to have a water bottle within reaching distance. There are also loads of breastfeeding teas which can help with your milk supply. I’ve tried Hot Tea Mama and Pukka Motherkind Pregnancy tea which are both lovely (even Luke warm).

Nursing bras

Jeez these are ugly contraptions but essential to make feeding easier. I bought sports bra style ones from H&M which are underwired and made from really stretchy material making them a comfortable option. I also wear soft bra tops at night which makes you more comfortable and easy to pop a breast pad if you need to.


This is definitely something you will need to think about. Dresses are pretty much out unless they have buttons down the front. As long as you have easy access you could wear whatever you like. I would highly recommend the Bshirt Breastfeeding Vestย (Read my Review Here) and the range of Breastfeeding T-shirts available from the Milky Tee Company both of which look like normal tops but give you easy access to breastfeed.

Nipple shields

These aren’t something everybody uses, but I was recommended these when my nipples were cracked and bleeding as a way to protect them. I had a couple of successful feeds using these but mostly they pinched.

A breast pump

This has been essential to our breastfeeding journey to increase my supply as well as giving my poor nipples a break. There are loads of different types including manual and electric. A manual pump can be good if you need to pump to relieve your full Breasts or the odd session, but if you want to express quickly and often then an electric pump would be the best option. I started out with a single pump that I hired through my Health Visitor before getting a Lansinoh Double pump which is really quick and easy to use.

Milk Storage Bags

If pumping you’ll want something to keep your milk in. Storage bags are great as they can be filled and easily stored in your fridge or freezer without taking up too much space.

Breast Pads

I would pop some of these in your hospital bag but you may not need them at the beginning. You can get disposable ones or washable breast pads which are much nicer and cost effective.


Not a diet diet, but there are a lot of foods that are recommended for breastfeeding women which can give you the energy you need for feeding and looking after a newborn as well as increasing your milk supply.

Hot/Cold Compress

These are great for blocked ducts. As well as massaging the area, taking a hot shower, a hot or cold compress can help to reduce any redness.

A Latch Assist

Can be used if you have everted or flat nipples to draw the nipple outwards into the perfect shape for feeding.

I’m sure there are far more things that I could add to this list, and if you are a seasoned breastfeeder and think of something that I’ve missed then pop it in the comments as I’m willing to try anything and everything.

Lisa x

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19 thoughts to “My Breastfeeding Essentials”

  1. Ah i remember a lot of these essentials during my breastfeeding days. I wish Youtube had been more of a thing back in 2011, a bit of video reassurance would have been very useful!

  2. those breastfeeding teeshirts look excellent – didn’t have anything like that when my pals were breastfeeding back in the day.

  3. I couldn’t go a feed without the cream and went through tubes and tubes of the stuff! Also I had the washable breast pads which were so comfy and soft and would thoroughly recommend as it keeps costs down too.

  4. With baby number 2 due in a few weeks, this is a great list to help me prepare and pack my hospital bag. I don’t remember seeing washable breast pads with my daughter so have definitely invested in some of those this time around to be a bit more environmentally friendly.

  5. Great post for new parents, as I imagine it is an incredibly daunting time and this is just another thing to think about! x

  6. I love all of these! Lanolin cream is definitely a must. So amazing! And nipple shields, they helped me so much when I had really cracked nipples and mastitis with my daughter. I have all this to come again soon with baby number two. I’m noting down a few new things I didn’t have last time from this list, that’s for sure! xx

  7. You’ve got everything pretty much covered. I remember those days. I didn’t have YouTube, as our internet connection was rubbish, but I did watch my way through the entire DVD collection of Alfred Hitchcock presents.

  8. Iโ€™ve watched so much TV/you tube since Freddie was born as I seem to be sat feeding him so much x

  9. This is an excellent and well thought through list. I exclusively pumped for ages and the list of items is pretty much the same. A good pump was obviously essential for me, but also a good bra and lots of oat biscuits.

  10. Itโ€™s hard work pumping isnโ€™t it. Well done you. Thankfully Iโ€™ve got a double pump or it would take forever x

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