Relactation – Using Domperidone

Relactation Using Domperidone

Relactation using Domperidone – Taking tablets to increase my milk supply was not something I’d considered or knew about so I was a bit apprehensive. However, little Freddie has started to refuse formula so what’s a mama supposed to do.

Relactation Using Domperidone

I was advised by a Breastfeeding Consultant through my Health Visitor to go to my GP and request this armed with the information from the Breastfeeding Network regarding dosage.

My GP is a reluctant prescriber so I didn’t feel particularly optimistic. I had to take an urgent slot at the surgery which, again I felt a bit uneasy about buts it’s almost impossible to get in any other way AND it’s pretty urgent when your baby is refusing to feed.

My usual GP was away so I was seen by a locum doctor who wasn’t that keen on giving me a prescription, but after showing her the info from the Breastfeeding Network and telling her it was on the advice of the Breastfeeding Consultant, I came out clutching the golden ticket (or green prescription sheet).

I was to take three tablets a day to start with for two weeks and then reduce down to two and then one a day until they were gone.

I’d read about Domperidone and had expected immediate increase in my milk which I didn’t feel was the case. I was still trying to force feed Freddie (not literally) formula after every feed for fear of him being hungry still.

The Outcome

After taking the tablets for a few days, the mornings were the most noticeable. Every morning I was drenched in milk and my boobs were engorged to the point of being ridiculously uncomfortable. Holding Freddie was uncomfortable and he was finding it difficult to latch whilst battling the letdown spray.

But during the day I still didn’t feel that he was getting enough.

I had to take a huge leap of faith that he was getting enough and stopped topping him up with formula.

What a difference it made. I fed him whenever and as long as he wanted to which felt like having a newborn again BUT I’m pleased to report that apart from his night feed he is boobed all day. At night he seems to quite like the faster flow of a bottle and that’s fine.

The tablets are gone now and we seem to be doing well. He’s still a chunk and having regular wet and dirty nappies.

It hasn’t done much for us getting into any kind of routine as he doesn’t have a set timing between feeds and naps (if at all) are sporadic cat naps during the day mostly on me or in the pram but he’s a much happier baby so we’ll keep on going until we hit the next hurdle which I fear will be teeth!!

Happy Boobing

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Lisa x