Singing Gummy Bear Review

Singing Gummy Bear Review

Singing Gummy Bear Review – Isabelle is always super excited when she is asked to review new products and finding out that it’s a plush to add to her ever growing collection is even better. The Singing Gummy Bear sings the catchy ‘I’m a Gummy Bear Song’ which once you’ve heard it you’re guaranteed to be singing or humming along to at some point (usually for me in the middle of a shop or in the street).

Singing Gummy Bear

The Bear is from Posh Paws who are the makers of many well know characters including Minnie Mouse and the Incredibles. The Bear is super soft and has been given prime position in Isabelle’s bed at night time which is something to aspire to in the world of teddies.

By pressing the bears hand, it sings the Gummy Bear tune which we’ve been singing and dancing to for the last few days. It also captured the attention of four month old Freddie who seems to favour the left ear to chew on. I think they might have to timeshare the bear (Freddie during the day when Isabelle’s at school).

Singing Gummy Bear

Isabelle also received a bag full of Gummy Bear goodies including notepads, stickers, a t-shirt, pens, pencils and tattoos and badges all inside a Gummy Bear drawstring bag.

She was very pleased with this since she’s just started running club so is going to use the drawstring bag to put her kit in.

Singing Gummy Bear

Singing Gummy Bear

Overall the Gummy Bear was a total hit with both of children and would make a lovely gift for a teddy bear lover.

You can buy your own Gummy Bear over on Amazon for Β£21.99

Lisa x

*we received this item for the purpose of this review. All our thoughts and opinions are our own.

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  1. Oh that song! It’s back in my head now lol! This would make a great Christmas present for the kiddies πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my goodness this is so adorable. I wish I still had little ones to buy things like this for x

  3. I bet my niece would love a gummy bear! Bet the song is catchy and sticks in your head like that baby shark one! Love the stickers and added bits too! It’s not a bad price for a gift either.

  4. This looks amazing, both of my children absolutely love that song, they go crazy dancing around the house to it.

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